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Participants and international visitors know where to find GGP 2017

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Even though the 27th edition of the international trade show GrootGroenPlus, which will be held from 4-6 October 2017, is months away, all preparations are shifting gears. This is partly due to the many participants who already registered, and to the confirmation of international group visits. This shows that green professionals from all over the world know where to find the latest edition of this international trade fair.

List of participants and company profiles online

The current number of participants for the edition of 2017 has resulted in the decision to upload the participant list and company profiles to www.grootgroenplus.nl and in the trade fair app. The profile of every participant already contained contact information. It has now been expanded to include the favorite plant with a photo and a description of the application of the favorite plant. Of course, this refers to the theme of the trade fair: 'My Favourite Plant!'. The findability of the website is also optimized.

On top of that, GGP is currently in talks about a possible further specification of products and activities, or even the inclusion of the entire stock. This way, the participant overview would become a database that can be accessed almost throughout the year by visitors, and which offers participants the opportunity to tell them even more about their business.

Trade visit from Russia

Efforts are also being made regarding an international group visit to GrootGroenPlus in 2017. GGP has already talked about hosting groups of trade professionals from Russia and Ukraine. They confirmed that they want to visit the trade fair on multiple days and want to participate in the internal and external press tours. The plan is to organize a dinner after the opening hours of the trade fair, which aims at bringing demand and supply together. There was also talk of eight additional company visits that the group will plan after the visit to GrootGroenPlus. This spring, more information will be made available regarding the composition and background of the group, which will help participants prepare for it.

Change in board

The board of the trade fair went through a change in February. In February, a member of the board Joost Sterke from Plantenkwekerij Joost Sterke BV and Tricolor Plant VOF from Haaren has attended his last meeting as a member of the board. Joost has supported GrootGroenPlus for many years and was mainly involved with the press tours, stand inspections, and the satisfaction of participants and visitors. He will be replaced by Corianne Oudijk from Boomkwekerij Arend Oudijk (Boskoop). Corianne will become a member of the board of GrootGroenPlus as a delegate on behalf of the Stichting European Plant Support, which is the licensee of the trade fair. GrootGroenPlus sees Corianne as a worthy replacement of Joost. Joost has agreed to stay on as a consultant for GrootGroenPlus.

Please register soon

If you want to participate in the 27th edition of the trade fair, it is important to register soon. You can do this via the registration form on www.grootgroenplus.nl. If the registrations continue to flood in like they are at the moment, the organization will soon start creating the layout of the trade fair. Desires and requests will be processed in order of receipt. Speedy registration will also make sure that the participants get the opportunity to fully benefit from the PR efforts that will be realized as the date of the trade fair approaches. In order to do this, it is of course very important to have a completed company profile.

Source: HortiTrends News Room