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Agricultural Research Scientist

Agricultural Research Scientist

Agricultural research scientists conduct research to develop new or improved methods of planting, harvesting and cultivating crops or better ways of housing, feeding, managing and caring for livestock. May be involved in more complex interdisciplinary studies such as genetic engineering and the molecular biology of crops and livestock.

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    Amenity Horticultural Worker

    Amenity Horticultural Worker

    Amenity horticultural workers are responsible for all stages in the care and planting of flower beds, trees, shrubs and lawns in public parks, sports fields, roadside verges and green areas around public buildings. The work may include general maintenance of green areas plus erecting fences and laying paths.

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      A Biologist is a scientist devoted to producing results in biology through the study of organisms and their relationship with their environment. There are for many areas of study and research: plants (botany), animals (zoology), micro-organisms (microbiology) and the chemistry of living things (biochemistry).

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        Botanists study plant life at all levels. They look into how and where plants grow, study their cells, and investigate the impact that chemicals and diseases have on them.

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          Ecologists study the complex and delicate relationships between animals, plants, people and their environment. They may manage a conservation area or give advice to organisations to help them reduce damage to the environment. Ecologists often do fieldwork to collect data, and produce reports on their findings. 

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            Environmental Planner

            Environmental Planner

            Environmental scientists work to understand environmental problems and then develop the technical skills to cope with and address these problems.

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              Garden Centre

              Garden Centre Assistant


              Garden centre assistants sell plants and garden equipment. The work involves taking care of plants, arranging displays, keeping check of stock, retail duties and advising customers.

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                Landscape Manager

                Garden Landscape Manager


                Landscape managers manage, maintain and develop landscapes such as parks, gardens, nature reserves or industrial estates. Landscape managers have an advisory role which involves the planning of future landscapes and planning for future problems which may arise.

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                  Agricultural Scientist

                  Agricultural Scientist

                  Graduates in Agricultural Science obtain challenging and fulfilling employment in many areas of industry, food and agriculture and related businesses and services.

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                    Arborists are responsible for planting and maintaining trees, shrubs and woodlands. The work involves diagnosing, treating and caring for existing trees as well as removing damaged trees. They examine trees to assess their condition before determining appropriate action. They may supervise contractors and other workers.

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                      Biology laboratory Technician

                      Biology Laboratory Technician

                      Biology laboratory technicians provide technical assistance to biological scientists. They specialise in routine practical tasks essential to research and development in areas such as genetics, microbiology and chemistry. They set up equipment, prepare and carry out experiments, and report on their findings. They may work in industry, higher education or for research organisations.

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                        Commercial Horticultural Worker

                        Commercial Horticultural Worker

                        Commercial horticultural workers grow, look after and harvest plant stock. They may specialise in fruit farms or orchards, for example, where the work involves spraying, mulching, pruning, picking and grading.

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                          Environmental health Officer

                          Environmental Health Officer

                          Environmental health officers deal with all aspects of public health. They enforce the law and aim to improve standards. Officers carry out inspections to ensure that health and safety regulations are being followed. Food hygiene and pollution are two major areas of work for officers. They also write and present reports and liaise with other professional colleagues.

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                            Forestry Worker

                            Forestry Worker

                            A forestry worker develops, maintains and protects a forest. The duties of a forestry worker are all practical, concerning the general upkeep of forest and woodland areas. Work includes planting and cutting down trees, as well as protecting wildlife and looking after public areas.

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                              Garden Landscape Architect

                              Garden Landscape Architect


                              Landscape architects plan, design and maintain outdoor spaces such as settings for buildings, parks, private gardens and public recreational areas. They make site surveys , prepare plans and drawings for contractors and supervise site work. They work with plants and often incorporate paved areas, walls and outdoor structures in their designs.

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                                Gardeners are responsible for all stages in the care and planting of flower beds, trees, shrubs and lawns in public parks, sports fields, roadside verges and green areas around public buildings. The work may include general maintenance of green areas plus erecting fences and laying paths.

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                                  11 September 2017 - 13 September 2017

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                                  Date, Time & Location
                                  11 to 13 September 2017

                                  The NEC, Birmingham, B40 1NT

                                  Mon 11 Sept - 9:00 - 18:00
                                  Tues 12 Sept - 9:00 - 18:00
                                  Wed 13 Sept - 9:00 - 16:00

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