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Trade Show GrootGroenPlus Stays at Current Location for Three More Years

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Trade show GrootGroenPlus will stay at its current location in Zundert (NL) from 2018 to 2020. 2017 is the final year of the five-year agreement concluded with CLTV Zundert. After consultation, it has been decided to prolong that agreement with three more years. This prolongation comes with a few advantages.

More options in decoration
An advantage of the prolongation of the location agreement is that there are more possibilities for the further decoration of the complex, for example with a multi-year investment. A plan to do this is currently being discussed with suppliers and will be expanded in the future. One of the ideas is paying more attention to living green. Participants have been supplying this for years, but it is not always presented in the most optimum way.

A film studio is created in cooperation with a publisher. Participants and visitors are welcome for an in-depth live interview, which will be broadcasted on the spot. Other examples are an expansion of the trade fair library that was founded in 2016, a special and informative plant show, and multiple out-of-the-box experiences, such as a barber and a brocante shop. By bringing the central spaces to life and decorating these, GGP shows that it has listened to the visitors and the participants. They indicated that the trade fair could do with a bit more of atmosphere and warmth.

Further expansion company profiles participants
After the summer, the participants of GrootGroenPlus 2017 can use an additional plus: the expansion of the company profile with a completely renewed version of VARB, an electronic supply and demand system. Earlier this year, trade fair GrootGroenPlus already expanded the company profiles with other theme related parts. After a general introduction of the renewed VARB, this database will also be added to the company profiles for six months. Participants can use it to fill in their company data, including favorites and photos, but they can also use it to show their full and current stock. The costs for this additional service are born by Stichting Beurshal and trade fair GrootGroenPlus, to promote trade.

It is important to know that the list of participants with all company profiles has been uploaded to the website a while ago and that this information is now also included in the GGP 2017 app. If you installed the app on your phone earlier, it will be updated automatically. If you don’t have the app yet, you can download it now from the stores. This once again shows that it is important for participants to fill in their company profiles. They offer the possibility to promote both their business and their stock and to increase their findability throughout the year, for free!

From participant meeting to open day
This year will be the first year that no official participant meeting is hosted. The trade fair has opted for another and more personal option: one open day for all involved parties. This is the place to be to request information regarding a provisional floor plan and set-up, filling in the company profile, showing the stock online, and to make optimum use of the press. The date in June will be confirmed as soon as possible. Besides that, instead of the annual participant meeting, a short and general movie will be produced, with general information on the board and about the theme.  

Space available
The 27th edition of trade show GrootGroenPlus has the theme 'My Favourite Plant!'. This is a continuance and further exploration of the theme of 2016. In 2017, this theme will come with some additional plusses. The trade fair will be held in Zundert from 4 to 6 October. It is still possible to register; there are some spots available. However, it is important to register as soon as possible. This will help you benefit most from all additional plusses.

Source: HortiTrends News Room