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Bloom 2017 Small Garden - ‘Everyone has a Dream’ by Leonie Cornelius at Woodie’s

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‘Everyone has a Dream’ by Leonie Cornelius at Woodie’s

‘Everyone has a Dream’ by Leonie Cornelius at Woodie’s is a small show garden for the popular Woodie’s brand. This dreamy space, which combines old and new, aims to show how, through careful design consideration and creative thinking, we can build the garden of our dreams on a small scale.

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It will aim to show how simple products such as stone, copper and painted surfaces can combine to create a truly unique and personalized space, which is all about customization and creative thinking. The garden invites us all to ‘Dream big in small spaces’.

Leonie Cornelius.

Leonie Cornelius

Leonie Cornelius is a garden designer and interior architect. Her company, Blume Design, specializes in extraordinary customized garden and interior designs for companies and brands, as well as private clients. After combining her architecture with a diploma in Garden Design from the prestigious KLC School of Design in London, Leonie’s designs place a firm emphasis on combining inside and outside and she believes that there is a vital connection between the two. One of Ireland’s leading garden designers, Leonie has worked on the RTÉ Today Show as the regular garden design expert and is a Judge on the popular RTÉ Super Garden show. Writing is another one of Leonie’s passions and her unique design skills and self-proclaimed love of sharing creative ideas can be seen weekly in the Irish Mail on Sunday. She has also written for the Irish Independent Weekend Magazine as well as many other publications. In 2016 she started working as the Woodie’s Design Ambassador and collaborates on ...(View profile)

Source: Bloom 2017 Small Garden - ‘Everyone has a Dream’ by Leonie Cornelius at Woodie’s