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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

It is now clear that the British people have made the choice to leave the European Union. The countr...


Simple Ways to Keep Yourself Organised and on Top of Your Workload

Because we have so much happening in our lives, it can be difficult to keep up with everything that's going on. Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming to the point that you're not sure where to start and what to do. It happens to the best of us, which is why organisation is key. With pen and paper being the only way to organise your time, now there are a wide range of apps and services designed to keep you on track. 

Prioritising Tasks

If this week is a particularly busy week and it's a once-off, you should write out what you have to do on paper. Let's say you've decided to write out everything you have to get done this week. Chances are it will be a relatively long list, making you wonder which one do you start first and how long it will take. While you might feel this way at first, remember that no two tasks are created equal: Some will take longer than others to do and some will be more urgent. Therefore, it's easier to digest and get your head around tasks when there are fewer to do and only one or two are prioritised.

Start off by eliminating the tasks that aren't urgent, tasks that can be completed next week instead. Have a good think about this first and move those tasks to a new list. When you're done, your list will be shorter, but more importantly the workload will begin to feel more manageable.

When this is completed, the next thing to do is number each task from most important to least. In the case that some tasks are time sensitive (business meetings, for example), you can ignore numbering them since you will have to complete them anyway. Also, number those tasks you moved towards next week because if you complete all your tasks ahead of time, you don't want to end up in a situation where you're not sure what to do next.

At the very least you will have determined what the most important tasks are and will be able to prioritise one or two to be completed immediately.

Organising Calendars

Both desktop and smartphones come with built in calendars as well as numerous email providers so we're really spoilt for choice when it comes to this. Starting with smartphones, both iOS and Android have calendars designed for the purpose of reminding you of upcoming events, and if you're one of those people who needs to be alerted whenever an event or meeting is supposed to happen, it's best to look at pre-installed apps first before you start looking elsewhere.

In both cases, you can set numerous alerts to remind you that an event is coming up so you don't forget. However, this is better if there are definitive events happening, if it's something that doesn't have a specific time frame for completion, then it won't be as useful.

An easier way to schedule your day, the two most popular apps to use is either Google Calendar (for Gmail users) or Microsoft Outlook. Both allow you to plan out your day, but what's more useful is the ability to sync it with your iPhone or Android phone. Because typing out different events can take a while to do, this is incredibly handy if you're due in for numerous meetings and will be liable to forget one or two.

These calendars tend to work better when you know just how long something will take and you really just need the reminder. If you're looking for something a little more complex, like organising tasks in order of importance, then it may be better to use a specialised app.


Sometimes the above tools won't cut it and you may need something to help you schedule and plan the next few weeks. Luckily for you, there are a number of different apps that can help you plan your time better and keep yourself on top of any tasks set out.

Remember The Milk

For: iOS, Android

One of the more popular organisational apps out there, Remember the Milk brings your to-do list to life and uses a clean interface to make scheduling as easy as possible. You can sync it with many different products such as Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Google Calendar, Siri and Twitter making it a useful app.


For: Android, iOS,

Easily the most stylish Android app in this list, Any.DO has a handy feature where when you mark a task for completion, you can shake the screen to move them to the 'completed' list. Other features like voice search helps make organising tasks a breeze.


For: iOS

With a no-fuss interface that keeps everything to the point, Clear is the only to-do app that is primarily controlled by gestures. The price tag of $1.99 might make you a little hesitant to download, especially since the majority of apps here are free, but what you get is an app that takes away the hassle you associate with lists. It's also great to look at too and using it is certainly more enjoyable than other rival products.



For: iOS

Boasting a bright and cheerful interface, Astrid is perfect if you're more focused on completing goals. With voice activation and syncing accounts as standard, it's incredibly useful for making sense of lists and completing objectives.

Cheddar (iPad)

For: iOS

Instead of jamming in numerous features for users, Cheddar presents a straightforward interface that does exactly what you expect it to do. The aim is on simplicity and one of the main benefits is that it is constantly synced with all your other devices, saving yourself the trouble of updating them if you're regularly switching between devices.

Source: Simply Zesty - Simple Ways to Keep Yourself Organised and on Top of Your Workload