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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

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Eco Tango Garden Needs Funding for Bloom 2013

About us

We are a team of two European Landscape Designers living, and starting up our own business in Ireland. We are also both passionate about dancing Tango.

The team:

Tünde Szentesi, leaving behind Hungary and her professional career as an HR consultant, moved to Ireland 7 years ago to pursue her hobby – Gardening. She earned a degree as a Landscape Architect at the University of Gloucestershire in England. At the moment she is working as a Gardener/Designer in Dublin. In her creations she would like to express practicality, beauty and harmony combined with innovative solutions.She tries to reflect her artistic sensibility by applying colors and forma in a new, exciting way.

Svaja Vaicula graduated with distinction from Senior College Dun Laoghaire with a BTEC Higher National Diploma in Landscape Design. Having graduated with a Diploma in Garden Design from Vilnius College Lithuania, she relocated to Dublin to further her education and career. With an in-depth knowledge of both practical and design aspects of horticulture her design philosophy revolves around the communication between hard and soft landscape elements putting special emphasis on an organic sustainable approach. She holds the Winner of BLOOM 2008 award for small garden design.

About the Project

We created "Eco Tango Garden" - a fun dancing and dining sustainable outdoor living space.

Our concept of the design is to illustrate how people can create a greener garden from recycled materials on a small site (ours is 5m by 7m). They can grow food and have a lot of fun in a sustainable way. We're eating, playing, exercising-relaxing, and dancing Argentine Tango in our garden!

We take a holistic attitude to the gardening. It is important because we need to consider all the needs of humans and plants in order to achieve a good healthy and happy environment that we all desire.

In our fresh approach to sustainable garden design we're delivering a stylish garden that uses resources efficiently and at the same time we save time, money, effort, and materials. We look for techniques to find the greenest solutions. We are creating a sustainable garden without compromising on design. We are also reusing materials in a creative way:

Canopy from Utoplast (recycled melted plastic innovated by Juli Laczko (plastenka.hu); vertical wall from pallets; stage and footpath from scaffold planks, just to name a few.

A significant part of our sustainable scheme relates to the way we manage rainwater. In our garden, it is harvested using the canopy and then directed to different parts of the garden. Some is collected; some goes directly to irrigate the plants, while the excess is soaked away.

In our planting pattern we are using aesthetically pleasing, edible and medicinal plants. We have chosen a dominant white flower colour scheme for its healing properties. We're using red poppy flowers for interest and contrast and to express a Tango passion.

We are hoping that with your help we will achieve completion of our dream garden on Bloom show 2013!

This show is Ireland's largest gardening, food and family event which takes place annually in the Phoenix Park Dublin during the June Holiday weekend (30th May - 3rd June 2013). Bloom 2012 was the 6th year of the event, attracting almost 80,000 visitors to the 70 acre site. - including Designer gardens, Garden expert stage, Food Village, Floral marque etc. More information here:http://bloominthepark.com/

For us this is a huge opportunity to show our ideas, how to be more environmentally conscious and have fun at the same time.

Be part of it!

Let's bring together two great passions– Gardening and Tango

We would like to introduce simple and smart ideas to show how you can make a nice environment with a small effort and with edible plants, and forgotten herbs like wild garlic (Allium ursinum) or woodruff (Gallium odoratum). And we would like to give opportunity to other artists, who have got innovative ideas like Juli, who innovated the Utoplast recycled canopy material.

We will be very delighted to raise 2500 Euro. With this amount of money we will be able to complete our show garden to the highest standard possible.

Be a participant of Bloom 2013 and give us a huge opportunity to teach people to be more environmentally conscious.

Our unique perks will give you lots of information about sustainable living, edible plants, herbs and Argentine Tango. You will also be able to share your experiences with us and Eco Garden Community.

Let's build a society committed with open minded people who can live in a healthy and fun way.

We will list all of our special supporters on our Eco Tango Garden Community page, and send them a very special thank you for all of you.

We really hope that we can reach our goal and we can show our ideas in this garden festival. It might not... we still would like to share our thinking, and organize workshops'.

Source: IndieGoGo - Eco Tango Garden Needs Funding for Bloom 2013