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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

It is now clear that the British people have made the choice to leave the European Union. The countr...


Choosing Flowers & Planting Spuds. A Day in the Life of a Community Garden - Dee Sewell

Still very cold at night but sun at last!

We spent a good part of the morning pouring over a catalogue from a nursery that sells plug plants and coming up with an order list for the village planting scheme. There are lots of beds, hanging baskets and containers that we’ll be filling full of colour but it was no easy task choosing and agreeing on the combinations!

Meanwhile Liam and James escaped from the women for a few minutes and headed outside where they dug the potato trenches and planted the chitted potatoes. We also laid down the growing mat that Sow Easy Sow had donated which we’ll be planting our brassicas in.

We moved the rhubarb (giving it a double layer of protection to help to prevent shock.

James planted peas into modules full of multipurpose compost. Although the seed packets will be telling you to sow from April, it’s still too cold to plant most seeds directly outside just yet.

How about this for a recycled plant pot idea that a visiting gardener bought along?

How are your garden preparations going? Are you making the most of the dry days?



Dee Sewell - a horticulturalist and certified trainer who started Greenside Up in 2009 and teaches people how to grow vegetables. Dee specialises in working with community gardens but also offers workshops, allotment visits, consultations, horticultural therapy, afterschools clubs as well as local talks - she tailors her services to meet clients needs. In 2012 Dee launched a Seed Gift Collection containing varieties of vegetable and insect friendly flowers with the aim of getting more people growing. Dee's blog was a finalist in the 2012 Ireland Blog Awards in the Eco/Green and Lifestyle Categories.

Source: Greenside Up - Choosing Flowers & Planting Spuds. A Day in the Life of a Community Garden - Dee Sewell