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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

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Nostalgia...Engagement...Internet Savvy - John Stanley


Communicating with today’s consumer can be frustrating.Trying to identify what they want and how they want it presented can be a real challenge. Some consumers are looking for nostalgia whilst others want the latest technology and to confuse businesses even more some want both. We have a group of consumers who want the nostalgia and they want the technology.

This is one reason one of the most successful TV adverts a in the UK at the end of last year was the departmental store John Lewis advert which combined nostalgia and new technology in one commercial.

I recently visited a man’s clothing store in Dublin, Ireland. In the corridors of the store wee pictures of their customers wearing clothing from the business, but pictures of the customer in their youth, this was a great way of developing nostalgia, building customer loyalty and trust in the new consumer.
Businesses need to look at how they can develop the nostalgia the consumer is looking for and combine this with modern technology. If they can combine the two they may have a successful marketing campaign. Finding ideas on how to develop this successfully can come from some interesting places.

2013...100 years

The most famous flower show in the world is the Chelsea Flower Show and this year it celebrates its Centenary. An ideal time to dwell on the nostalgia of 100 years of gardening and gardens as well as a time to celebrate. What I admire the marketing campaign for 2013 which has managed to combine the nostalgia with engagement and the use of the internet.

100 years of show gardens means that a lot of different plant species and varieties have been shown at the gardens over the years. To celebrate the centenary the RHS convened a panel of keen gardeners to look at each decade and select what they thought was the Plant Champion of the decade.
A website was created __ where all the ten plants were listed along with one of the panel members providing a risen why it was selected on a YouTube clip. Plants included the 1913-1922 selection Saxifraga “Tumbling Waters”,193-2002 Geranium “Rozanne” and the last decades Streptocarpus “Harlequin Blue”.

The judging is then handed over to the public and a voting promotional campaign is driving gardeners to the website for the final vote and judging of the “Plant of the Centenary.”
Whichever plant wins, it will be a huge marketing opportunity for everyone involved in the industry and I am sure the “status” shoppers will want the winning plant tin their garden as quickly as they possibly can.
This campaign is a great example of bringing all the consumer drivers together and engaging the consumer with nostalgia and new technology. Plus, creating expectation and excitement that will continue after the event

What can you do in Your Business?

It is interesting that there is also another celebration this year based on nostalgia, it is twenty years since the first webpage and this has been restored to its original format. Our Gen X and Y family members were fascinated by this nostalgia whilst some of us look on this as a recent event, but it indicates that even in the computer industry nostalgia is a means of engaging the consumer.

What nostalgia do you have in your business that can be used to engage the consumer and be used as a marketing tool?
If you can link this into a new technology communications avenue you may gain extra traction form the marketing campaign.
Consumers are fascinated about “how it used to be”, older business owners may take the traditional techniques for granted, but younger consumers have not been exposed to the techniques and they are fascinated about the techniques of old..Which may not be that old?
It may be time to look at what nostalgia is hiding in your business and putting a new twist to it and using it as part of a modern marketing campaign.


John Stanley is a Conference Speaker and Consultant. In 2012 he was awarded the WA Small Business exporter of the Year. He works in 35 countries and is one of the world sort after retail and small business presenters. His new conference presentation looks at the new consumer and how that affects your business. Follow John on Facebook John-Stanley -Associates or contact him at john@johnstanley.com.au

Source: HortiTrends News Room