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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

It is now clear that the British people have made the choice to leave the European Union. The countr...


Top 10 Flowers at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

If there’s one thing you can guarantee there’ll be a lot of at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, it’s flowers and plants. However, to the untrained eye it can be difficult to recognise the different varieties, especially when they are displayed in such innovative ways.

Here’s our guide to ten of the top blooms to keep your eyes peeled for at this year’s best-loved flower show.


One of the biggest attractions at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show is set to be Prince Harry’s charity garden which is dedicated to the Lesotho-based charity Sentebale which he works with. The English translation of Sentebale is Forget-Me-Not and there’ll be plenty of the pretty blue flowers featured within the design, alongside blooms native to Lesotho.

Tumbling Waters

This year sees Chelsea celebrating its centenary and as a way of marking the event’s 100th annual show organisers are asking the public to vote for the Plant of the Century. Tumbling Waters, more formally known as Saxifraga, is the oldest plant nominated, dating back to 1913. It’s tumbling fronds of small white flowers mean it really does look like a waterfall pouring down a rockery.

Harlequin Blue

From the oldest flower to one of the newest. Harlequin Blue us also up for the Plant of the Century prize. The pretty blue and cream bloom debuted at Chelsea in 2010 and won the Plant of the Year Award in the same year. Can it add another trophy to its cabinet this year?

‘Sichuan Silk’ Poppy

RHS Chelsea Flower show is the place to catch a first glimpse of new flowers and plants and this year is no exception. The exotic ‘Sichuan Silk’ Poppy will be among those making their debut at this year’s show and the bright red flower is sure to catch attendees’ eyes.

Lady’s Slipper Orchids

As well as new blooms, Chelsea is a great place to see rare flowers, and there are few as rare as the Lady’s Slipper Orchids. In 2010, as one of the last remaining plants in the wild the flower was actually offered police protection. However, attendees at the Chelsea Flower Show won’t have to look at one from behind a police line, as they feature in the Welcome to Yorkshire showcase garden.


Sometimes even the most common of flowers can take you by surprise if they are used in the right way and that’s just what we here at Interflora hope to do with Germinis in our Chelsea exhibit. The pretty pink, orange and red daisy-like flowers are popular in wedding flowers and bouquets but we hope to show a whole new side to them.

Echinopsis ‘Happy Anniversary’

Another stunning new plant featuring at this year’s show is the suitably celebratory Echinopsis ‘Happy Anniversary’. Submitted by Southfield Nurseries, the bloom is a new type of the Echinopsis flowering cactus which is native toSouth America.

Lily of the Valley

Herbaceous plants aren’t that common a sight at Chelsea, however, they are prominent within this year’s East Village Garden design. Convallaria, more commonly known as Lily of the Valley, is one of the plants chosen to help demonstrate the spirit of the Olympic legacy.


Roses are another classic which we are looking forward to giving a whole new twist at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show and we are sure we won’t be the only ones using them. Whether it’s tea roses, climbing roses, or miniatures in red, white, pink or yellow, see how many different types you can spot.

Source: Interflora - Top 10 Flowers at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show