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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

It is now clear that the British people have made the choice to leave the European Union. The countr...


71% of FloraHolland Members Favour New Structure

The large number of members of the Royal Cooperative Flower Auction FloraHolland in attendance at the General Members' Meeting (GMM) of 6 June was a clear indication of their dedication. The 333 members present voted in favor of the proposal to change and strengthen the cooperative structure. The Articles of Association will be amended in places to make this possible. Additionally, the members attending voted through the financial statements for 2012 and the proposed appropriation of profits.

With 71% of the votes in favor, the GMM approved the proposal for a new governance structure. Chairman of the Board Bernard Oosterom: "An intense process involving many dedicated members preceded this decision. As the Board, we took the time to carefully explain the proposal. We listened to the feedback and made changes in places. I'm speaking on behalf of the Board as a whole when I say that we are pleased with the results of the vote, as this issue is of great importance for the future of our cooperative." The coming period will be used to prepare the nomination of candidates for the new Supervisory Board during the GMM in December.

A strong system used differently
For the floriculture industry as a whole, 2012 was generally positive, although that was not the case for every individual member. Just as the total Dutch export of flowers and plants, FloraHolland's turnover increased by 3%. Despite the current economic situation, European consumers continue to buy flowers and plants.The Dutch floriculture cluster has retained its strong position. This strength can also be found in the FloraHolland cooperative. "Our strong system is being used differently," said General Director Timo Huges. "In the past, you would leave it up to the auction to take care of sales and the trade proceeded primarily via the auction clock. Today, you are interested in acquiring your own position in the market. For at least a part of your production, you search price assurance. More than ever, you take your sales into your own hands. This means that trade is shifting from the clock system to direct streams - a shift that in 2012 and 2013 increased in pace."

Of FloraHolland's €4.4 billion in sales, a little more than 50% are currently being settled via the auction clocks and almost 50% via Connect. In comparison, this amounted to 61% clock sales vs. 39% direct trade in 2010. Fewer trolleys at the clock means a reduced need for manpower. The auction is working on its flexibility in order to reallocate manpower elsewhere in the company. Expenses and incomes are not aligned currently. A healthy result is needed for the continuity of the business. In the coming years, FloraHolland will arrange its incomes and expenditures in such a way that revenues from services will be generated where the costs are found. Additionally, the members see the clock as an essential sales instrument. For this reason, the auction is taking steps to make the clock system technically and commercially more attractive.

Source: HortiBiz - 71% of FloraHolland Members Favour New Structure