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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

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HortiTrends Weekly Comment and News Digest - 9th September

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The news that Plantagen to Close Doors in Malahide will be both a surprise to some but not for others, as staff seem to have know about the closure for the last year. The GardenWorks brand under Bryan Maher was one of the trend-setters in its day and it will be interesting to see how quickly the store can be turned around as Bryan returns to the centre under the new name of 'The Garden House' with a new cafe in October. We wish him well and invite him to use PlantConnector.ie when stocking up for easy browsing of Looking Good & Availability Lists along with Plant Catalogues from some of Ireland's Leading Nurseries.

We attended the Four Oaks Trade-Show last week. It was not as busy as usual and there were definitely not as many Irish visitors which was commented on by some of the exhibitors. Under the stewardship of Pat Coutts, the show continues to apply the KISS rule (keep it simple stupid) and gives both visitors and exhibitors what they want, which is buying/selling leads and product research. Without the sophisticated marketing of Glee, it's appeal to visitors and goodwill from exhibitors remains strong and any perceived blip on numbers will be recoverable. Its a show for horticulture, by people who come from that background and who truly understand the needs of their clients.

There was lots of interest in ITB Launch New Part-time Level 6 Higher Certificate in Science in Professional Horticulture Practice at last weeks open day. Places are limited and with news that the state of-the-art new horticulture facilities are ahead of schedule, demand for learning horticulture in a true multi disciplinary campus is one of the many reasons why some students will be drawn to the college.

Congratulations go to Best Shops in Ireland - Highly Commended: Lamber de Bie Flowers, The shop is inspiring its clientel not only with beautiful flowers but that other magic ingredient of retail i.e. customer service.

There are lots of learning and training opportunities at this time of year including:
GCAI - John Stanley New Vision Programme
IOH Conference - The Journey of a Modern Day New Plant
GLDA - The Rabbit's Eye View (full day workshop with Noel Kingsbury)
Dublin Civic Trust - Dublin Squares Conference 2013

Ireland and UK Mushroom Conference and Trade Show 2013 - Even if you are not that interested in learning, these events are great business and networking opportunities. If you have a little time on your hands and yearn for years past then maybe Looking Back at Carleys Bridge Potterywill transport you to an era that was not as manic as this modern period of horticulture seems.

Thank You

Joseph (Editor at HortiTrends)