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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

It is now clear that the British people have made the choice to leave the European Union. The countr...


The Sodshow – For The Record


As of l9th of September The Sodshow has aired 133 radio shows and podcasts. That is, no less than 3724.20 minutes of complete audio. Which we hope you enjoy very much. Of note, each show requires a minimum of 6.5 hours work which equates to 51,870 minutes of work to date, the end result of which you hear every Friday.

Since June 2012, the radio show has been sponsored by greensax.ie [we love you more] who, for the record we think are sound fella’s and make an absolute cracker of an Irish born [Borne ? Jason] and bred product. The sponsorship monies are paid to the station Dublin City Fm. Not to anyone involved in the show. That said, we may try growing our own leprechaun.

As our leprechaun is still in the microwave, the folks involved in putting together Ireland’s Best Podcast [that's us as a by the way...] must work for a living.

In short, this sometimes means:

  • we do not get to interview all of the lovely people we would like to
  • as we may not be able to afford to cover the costs to travel to you.
  • or take the time off work.
  • or eat cake whilst wearing a pair of Y-Fronts and an I Shot JR t-shirt
  • ….whilst watching re-runs of The A-Team on a Saturday afternoon

In reality it means:

  • the podcast upload to iTunes may be delayed
  • we don’t have a budget
  • we buy [and borrow] all our own [your] equipment
  • this in done entirely in our spare time
  • we do get to meet very, very nice people

Whilst we welcome your feedback and emails. No amount of them can:

  • get one of us off the M50 [that's a motorway]
  • out of the shower
  • and out of the anniversary meal with the mother in law quick enough
  • in order to get home to upload the podcast that we and you love so dearly

It’s interesting how The Sodshow started. Before you go read that, we would like to thank you all for being lovely. For listening. And for being there. Genuinely.

x Peter.
On Behalf of Peter, Brian, David and all of The Sodshow family.
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          How To Listen to The SodShow:

          The SodShow, Dublin’s only garden radio show. Live every Friday @ 3pm:

          Source: The Sodshow