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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

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HortiTrends Weekly News & Comment - Does Technology work for you or Do you work for Technology? Putting the Social into Social Media - Dec 13th


Does Technology work for you or Do you work for Technology? Its a question I ask myself and others all of the time. Is technology freeing up more of my time, just to do more technology, which in turn is making me busier and busier? Does social media allow me to be virtually social with more people on-line and less social with real people who are in front of me? How many times have you been waiting for some service, while the service provider was chatting away on a phone and you get the "with you in a minute" sound-bite?

A few years back I got rid of my mobile phone for a period as I questioned its usefulness to my work and non-work life. I had already made an appointment to meet with a client some 6 weeks later. I turned up for the meeting on the date and time agreed in a hotel lounge and found the them sitting ready and waiting. I apologised to him that he could not have confirmed the meeting with me, as I now did not have a mobile phone. His reply was "I don't have one either, that's why we're both here on time".

I am definitely getting busier and busier and also feeling the pressure as I make more and more connections, as we begin work on our print incarnation as HORTICULTURE CONNECTED. I am also applying technology to this new business, again in the name of freeing up more of my time to do all of the things I really want to do, which by the way would be some gardening and also reading books about the history of horticulture. Ironic I know as I live mainly on-line but I explain it away with "I'm a Gemini".

All these thoughts are coming out as I put an article together for the new HORTICULTURE CONNECTED magazine. I have titled it 'Putting the Social into Social Media'. Does technology enable you to provide a better service or is it getting in the way of the service you should be providing? It's all about striking a balance between the customer in front of you and the one who you think is there waiting for you on-line. I think I have my first paragraph!

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