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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

It is now clear that the British people have made the choice to leave the European Union. The countr...


Garden On A Roll Develop A Perfect Gift Solution

Winners of the Glee new product award for plants seeds and bulbs, the Garden On A Roll team are extremely pleased with the reception to their gift box concept. The gift pack contains everything that would be needed to plant a complete new border plus something special 'goodies ' to treat the recipient now- chocolates, luxury biscuits or even Champagne.

The team explain, " the concept itself is quite simple, a bio-degradable roll already marked with spacings for the chosen garden design, instructional dvd and basic planting tools". The 'package' includes the pre-purchase of the plants too, which will only be delivered when the customer is ready, allowing time for the happy couple to get back from honeymoon or prepare the garden if newly moved in.

The gift box concept extends the reach of the gardening season and provides a garden related gift solution that is applicable all year round. Garden On A Roll are in Hall 19G58.

Gardenonaroll have been successfully working with Homebase delivering borders nationwide since 2013. As well as working in partnership with Digswell nurseries, a community project, who provide training and work-based skills for vulnerable people. Many of the plants supplied are grown by Gardenonaroll and in other UK based nurseries.


This year we have been testing our 2 new additions to the range...

1. The Gift Box - This enables anyone to give a gift of a garden border at any time of the year ! Gardenonaroll have designed an attractive, easy to give box containing all the usual Gardenonaroll ingredients apart from the plants. When the recipient of the gift is ready to plant, they just choose the garden style they like, contact Gardenonaroll to order their plants and to arrange delivery (which is included in the gift price), then the plants are delivered to their door. Perfect as a Wedding or Anniversary gift so the happy couple can get the plants when they are ready!

2. Gardenonaroll paper impregnated with organic feed - Gardenonaroll have been testing this new product and are pleased to announce that they now have organic feed impregnated into the paper. It still acts as a planting guide and weed suppressant but now has the added benefit of releasing nutrients as the paper bio-degrades!

Gardenonaroll is on Stand 19G58.

Source: Glee Daily News - Garden On A Roll Develop A Perfect Gift Solution