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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

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IPM ESSEN and the Foundation Called DIE GRÜNE STADT

Top-Class Information Event on the Subject of "Urban Climatology and Greenery"

"Greenery is not only beautiful but greenery is also the strongest instrument in urban climatology" - with this thesis, IPM ESSEN 2015 will, in cooperation with the foundation called DIE GRÜNE STADT ("THE GREEN CITY"), once again offer a top-class information event for nursery gardeners, landscape gardeners and municipal decision takers. The event with brief lectures and a discussion on the urgent subject of the "Future of the Urban Climate" will take place in the Ruhr Hall in the East Congress Centre from 10.30 a.m. to 12.00 noon on the Wednesday of the fair (January 28, 2015).

In the meantime, the fact that a worldwide climate change is taking place is a consensus in science. The slow warming of the Earth has long since exerted effects on the living basis of people, animals and plants. Particularly cities are facing up to great challenges because the risks not only for the inhabitants but also for the municipal infrastructure and, not least, for the urban greenery are rising considerably. New phenomena are being shown, for example, with extreme temperatures like those at the height of summer, great precipitation quantities, drought periods and storms.

The political field is demanding ambitious climate protection measures. There are initial climate protection laws in the federal states and climate protection plans in which concrete strategies and measures are stipulated. In addition to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and to changing over to renewable energies as quickly as possible, it is primarily a question of measures for adjusting to the climatic consequences. In this context, the urban greenery is ever more frequently also being recommended as a very effective instrument in urban climatology: increased insulation of building facades due to planting and roof greenery, systematically networked parks and plants on boulevards in urban centres, greenery and water areas for the production of cold and fresh air etc. More greenery in the cities not only protects buildings from the consequences of extreme heat and cold but also binds carbon dioxide and fine dust from the air, improves the local microclimate by producing oxygen and evaporating water and promotes the biodiversity.

In brief lectures, three speakers will direct attention to the conference subject:

Dr. Barbara Köllner manages Koordinationsstelle Klimaschutz, Klimawandel ("Coordination Agency for Climate Protection and Climate Change") at Landesamt für Natur, Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz NRW (LANUV NRW - "North Rhine-Westphalia Federal State Office for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection"). Against the background of climate data for many years, she will report on current challenges caused by the climate change and, as an example, will introduce the consequences for cities and conurbations - in concrete terms, using the example of the cooperation with the City of Cologne.

Astrid Mahnke is the Team Leader for Climate Protection, Climate Adjustment and Air Quality Conservation at Regionalverband Ruhr ("Ruhr Regional Association") and will highlight suitable adjustment measures for cities and conurbations. Her contribution will focus on recommendations for urban development appropriate for the climate change.

Hans-Georg Dannert is a climate expert in Umweltamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main ("Environmental Department of the City of Frankfurt am Main") - the European City of Trees in 2014 and the Chairman of Koordinierungsgruppe Klimawandel ("Climate Change Coordination Group") and will report on the adjustment strategy of the City of Frankfurt in relation to the climate change and on practical measures in the Frankfurt metropolis.

The event will be compered by Peter Menke, Chairman of the foundation called DIE GRÜNE STADT.

Registered participants will receive a free admission ticket to IPM ESSEN.


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Source: IPM Essen