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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

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Presentations and Special Shows by FDF - IPM Essen 2015

Fachverband Deutscher Floristen - Bundesverband - at the World's Premier Horticultural Fair

Fashion, Design, Colours and Style
First Look: New colours and forms characterise the collections of major fashion designers in just the same way as they provide creative stimuli in the floral editions of Fachverband Deutscher Floristen (FDF - "Trade Association of German Florists") and Blumenbüro ("Flower Office"). In an effectively presented Visitor Lounge, the top sellers from the latest just-chrys collection will be presented in an attention-grabbing form at IPM ESSEN 2015. With the motto of "just chrys - The Colour of Style", FDF's creative team will show presentations with the chrysanthemum multitalent in a fashion-oriented environment. A lot of new chrysanthemum varieties will be introduced. As a supplement to these, the Colour Scales will show the colour coordination of the chrysanthemum varieties with the colour trends in floristic requisites.

FDF Boutique 2015: Floristry in the Trend for Each Season

The most beautiful flowers in each season are ensured by the changes in the flowery trends. In the FDF Boutique, FDF will present the top sellers for 2015. The collection will encompass seasonal arrangements in different flowery styles and innovative designs. No matter whether spring, summer, autumn or winter - the FDF fashion collection will present floral favourites in a trendy lifestyle ambience appropriate for every season. Florists will be invited to make the floral atmospheric images for the strong emotions in 2015.

Avalanche: New Designs Will Show the Premium Rose in a Totally Different Way

After the successful start last year, FDF and Blumenbüro will once again show new inspirations for the Avalanche rose at IPM ESSEN 2015, too. The premium rose from the Netherlands has begun its triumphant progress all around the world. With

its exceptionally long stems, the big buds and its magnificent colours, roses of the Avalanche brand arouse the enthusiasm of florists and their customers. At IPM ESSEN, FDF will introduce new designs for the magnificent blossom which have been developed in a targeted way for young customers. They will show the Avalanche as a must-have for an urbane modern public which appreciates original designs and innovative marketing.

Red Naomi - Wishing Well on the FDF Booth

This legend brings us good luck! Throw a coin over your right shoulder into the Red Naomi well and it will bring you good luck. With a spectacular presentation, the Red Naomi rose will once again make a name for itself at IPM ESSEN 2015. Directly at the entrance to the FDF booth, there will be an oversized wishing well which will be decorated with Red Naomi blossoms. Every visitor to the fair will be invited to combine the act of throwing a coin with a heartfelt wish. An exciting photographic motif for selfies and fair snapshots of all kinds, a lucky charm according to the legend and a breathtaking floral presentation.

Involved Once Again: Wholesale Flower Markets as Guests on the FDF Booth

I am from here! Flowers and plants from the region. The successful campaign is being continued and will once again be presented on the FDF booth at IPM ESSEN by Vereinigung Deutscher Blumengroßmärkte ("Association of German Wholesale Flower Markets"). On their cooperative booth, the German wholesale flower markets will provide information about their ranges and will place their faith in the advantage of the location in the region.

At IPM ESSEN, the FDF Shop and the FDF Members' Advice Booth are established contact points for members and for those who want to become members. The association's latest advertising materials will be introduced in the shop. On the Members' Advice Booth, the representatives of the FDF federal state associations will present the wide spectrum of services rendered by the FDF community.

The FDF Training Programme is a central range available in the association's diverse spectrum. Every year, FDF presents a wideranging programme of courses and seminars relating to floristic practice. Information about the new training ranges on offer will be available on the FDF Training Booth.

Creative Academy: FDF Master Florist College in Gelsenkirchen

The Master Florist College in Gelsenkirchen under the management of the master trainer Ursula Wegener is an unusual place for learning, for exchanging experience, for inspiration, for developing your personality as well as for innovative floral designing. With various floral presentations, the Master Florist College will introduce its philosophy at IPM ESSEN. In the Florist Event Centre, the College Director Ursula Wegener and the Joint Head of Department Mario Mahlstedt will show seasonal workpieces. Master pupils and former pupils will be in situ as contacts.

FDF Piazzas: Flowery Inspiration Areas Designed by the FDF Master Florist College in Gelsenkirchen

As representatives of the FDF Master Florist College in Gelsenkirchen, the master florists from Gelsenkirchen, Tina Attenberger and Maike Krawatzki, will this year design the FDF Piazzas as flowery inspiration areas on the upper storey at IPM ESSEN 2015. The floral adventure worlds will provide stimuli for presenting floristic requisites in a way close to practical needs and will show products from the ranges of the IPM exhibitors in an attractive floral presentation.

Nicola Fink
Press and Public Relations
Fachverband Deutscher Floristen e. V. - Bundesverband -
Im FloristPark International
Theodor-Otte-Str. 17a
45897 Gelsenkirchen
Telephone: +49.(0)209.95877-72
Fax: +49.(0)209.95877-70
E-mail: nicola.fink@fdf.de
Internet: www.fdf.de

Source: IPM Essen