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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

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18 Nations Will Present Themselves on Cooperative Booths - IPM Essen 2015

Attention Will Focus on Innovations for Horticulture


In 2015, a total of 35 Flemish companies will participate in IPM ESSEN under the auspices of VLAM (Vlaams Centrum voor Agro- en Visserijmarketing) - and that on no fewer than two cooperative booths. Primarily businesses specialised in ornamental plants, the export trade and young plants will be exhibitors in Hall 2 at Messe Essen. The Flemish nurseries can be found in Hall 12. As far as the plants are concerned, the main focal points will be (for example) azaleas, rhododendrons, flowering house plants, laurels and chrysanthemums. On this subject, it will be possible to find important nursery product lines.

(Hall 2, Booth 2B25 and Hall 12, Booth 12C15)


For the first time, China will present itself at IPM ESSEN with an official national booth. The product range will be comprehensive: starting with seeds from leading suppliers via bulbs, green plants and cut woody plants right up to flowerpots. The partner of Hortiflorexpo IPM Beijing, China Great Wall International Exhibition Co. Ltd., is the organiser of the pavilion. Furthermore, a 23-strong Chinese delegation has registered its visit to the fair which is also being coordinated by China Great Wall International Exhibition Co. Ltd.

(Hall 7, Booth 7B11)

Costa Rica

For the sixth time already, Costa Rica will participate in IPM ESSEN. Twelve companies will be represented on the cooperative booth which is being organised by PROCOMER. The items on display will include the most diverse plants such as aglaonemas, dracaenas, palm trees, palm ferns, codiaeums or ficuses. The main

protagonist on the booth will be the country's own brand called "esencial Costa Rica". On this subject, the "exotic by nature" concept imparting the exotic aspect and diversity of the plants will be on display on the booth. Moreover, the participating firms will present their products and will also offer meetings with interested purchasers.

(Hall 1, Booth 1B17)


Decorative house plants for modern interiors are the top trend in Denmark. At IPM ESSEN, 50 breeders and traders will introduce examples on the Danish cooperative booth: The available range will extend from plants via planting concepts right up to coherent accessories. Easy-care plants as well as products for environmentally compatible and sustainable plant production will be introduced, too.

(Hall 5, Booth 5A17)


The two French cooperative participations in Halls 2 and 10 are being organised under the auspices of the French Horticulture Interprofessional Association Val'hor. The innovation cluster called Vegepolys and the Loire Valley agency for agriculture SPPL will support the appearance. The 20 member companies will present exclusive innovations from all the regions and climatic zones in France. The comprehensive available range will include cyclamens, roses, fruit trees, dahlias, chrysanthemums, ornamental and Peruvian lilies, camellias, rhododendrons, clematises, hydrangeas and magnolias.

(Hall 2, Booth 2B17 and Hall 10, Booth 10A17)

Great Britain

More exhibitors, new breeds and innovative technology - in 2015, the two British cooperative booths will be bigger and more comprehensive than ever. Under the flag of the Commercial Horticultural Association, 20 companies will show horticultural products made in the UK - including a lot of first-time exhibitors. These will also include the three new rose varieties called "Olivia Rose Austin", "The Lady of the Lake" and "The Poet's Wife", perennial seed mixtures for flower meadows as well as various ornamental lilies. Newly designed point-of-sale material such as shelf stoppers, a root checking system, substrates, special fertilisers, high-quality greenhouses and pest control materials such as pheromone traps will be introduced, too.

(Hall 10, Booths 10C13 and 10C17 and Hall 3, Booth 3B37)


"Frost? Heat? - Yes, We Resist!" will be the motto of the Hungarian cooperative booth at IPM ESSEN 2015. The largest nurseries, associations and organisations in the country will present their climate-resistant plants in new colours, forms and fragrances. The plants withstand frost and heat alike and can be planted from the Atlantic coast to Asia.

(Hall 10, Booths 10D10 and 10D11)


The Indian cooperative booth covering 45 square metres will be supervised by the state coconut organisation called "Coir Board". The exhibitors will be manufacturers and exporters which have specialised in the pith of the coconut fibre. This peat substitute is available in various forms such as organic fertiliser, bags with compost earth, briquettes etc.

(Galeria, Booth GA-54)


In 2015, IPM ESSEN will count more than 100 exhibitors from Italy. As in the previous years, the highlight will be Hall 6, the "Italy Hall" in which around 80 firms, mainly nurseries, from all the regions of Italy will present themselves. Nurseries from South Italy will be represented in particularly large numbers. For the first time, the state-supported "Italian Trade Agency" will provide a cooperative booth with firms from Sicily, Campania and Apulia. Plant pots and decorative terracotta goods will round off the image of the Italy Hall. In the Technology area in Halls 3, 7 and 8, other Italian firms will show the newest developments from greenhouse construction and agricultural technology. Visitors will find young plants "Made in Italy" in Hall 2.

(Hall 6)


The Netherlands will once again be represented at the world's premier horticultural fair in Essen with two cooperative booths. In 2015, FloraHolland will organise the "Holland Collectief" in Hall 1 at IPM ESSEN. There, FloraHolland will present itself together with plant breeders, grafting specialists, traders and component suppliers. Product innovations, trends and developments on the Dutch breeding plant market will be shown.

Under the auspices of BIZZ HOLLAND, 46 companies (including some from Boskoop, Opheusden, Venlo and Zundert) will show the latest ornamental hedges, water plants and road trees in Hall 12. Moreover, the submissions for the "Show Your Colours Award IPM 2015" which is being organised by BIZZ HOLLAND

together with Messe Essen will be given a prominent place at the entrance to Hall 12 and the BIZZ HOLLAND booth.

(Hall 1, Booth 1B11 and Hall 12, Booth 12A13)


20 companies will present themselves on the Polish cooperative booth which will be organised by the "Polish Nurserymen Association" in cooperation with Agencja Promocji Zieleni. The exhibitors will bring with them a wide spectrum of plants in various sizes cultivated outdoors and in containers. The transitional climate prevailing in Poland offers ideal prerequisites for the production of winter-hardy shrubs, bushes, climbing plants and fruit trees.

(Hall 9, Booths 9A53 and 9B42)


Five nurseries from Algarve and the south-west of the country will be exhibitors on the Portuguese cooperative booth. They will show a comprehensive range of high-quality Mediterranean plants. Amongst other products, it will be possible to see a wide selection of mandevillas as twiners, bougainvilleas and bottlebrushes. The exhibitors will also present hibiscuses, lantanas and citrus plants. Polygalas, succulent plants and grasses will be on display, too.

(Hall 9, Booth 9B61)


42 ornamental plant specialists in FEPEX (the umbrella association of the exporting producers of fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants in Spain) will be exhibitors on the booth covering over 1,300 square metres. The companies from Valencia, Catalonia, the Canary Islands, Galicia and Andalusia all have systems for quality control. Above all, they will show ornamental and Mediterranean plants such as palm trees, oleanders, mandevillas, devilwoods, olive trees, hibiscuses, roses, carnations, stephanotises, allamandas, osteospermums and seasonal plants. One company from Valencia serves the rising demand for a mixture of palm trees with a wide range of various palm trees in the same size. One Catalan nursery will present trees which were bred in inert substrates and are thus free from diseases.

(Hall 9, Booth 9A10)

Sri Lanka

In 2015, Sri Lanka will participate in IPM ESSEN with two booths for the first time. In Hall 8, the Sri Lanka Coconut Development Authority will present various products made of coconut fibres for the green sector - including climbing aids, plant

pots as well as compost earth. In Hall 1, the Sri Lanka Export Development Board will show the plant diversity of the Asian island state.

(Hall 8, Booth 8B13 and Hall 1, Booth 1C43)


In 2015, Turkey will participate in IPM ESSEN with a cooperative booth for the second time. The organiser, the Turkish Ornamental Plants Promotion Group, will represent the Turkish ornamental plant exporters of which there are approximately 500 in Turkey. Predominantly pot plants and ornamental plants for outdoor areas will be introduced on the booth.

(Hall 8, Booth 8C41)


In 2015, the USA will once again be represented at IPM ESSEN with two cooperative booths. One pavilion in Hall 2 is being organised by the Southern United States Trade Association (SUSTA) in cooperation with the Florida Department of Agriculture. Predominantly young plant producers and nurseries from the south of the country will be exhibitors there. AmericanHort is promoting the second US cooperative booth in Hall 8.

(Hall 2, Booth 2D13 and Hall 8, Booth 8B36)

The following countries will provide additional cooperative participations: South Korea and Taiwan.

Source: IPM Essen