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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

It is now clear that the British people have made the choice to leave the European Union. The countr...


Get Ready for the Last Registration Deadline for Chemicals

All chemical substances produced or imported in the European Economic Area between 1 and 100 tonnes a year need to be registered by 31 May 2018 with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). This is the last deadline for existing chemicals under the REACH Regulation. It will complete the gathering of data on substances manufactured or used in Europe, and will ultimately improve human health and the environment.

Companies need to register by the deadline to be legally on the market. In addition, companies who have registered their chemicals will be able to show their customers that they are a responsible supplier who has contributed to the safe use of chemicals.

The first phase of REACH registration 2018 is about knowing your portfolio and starting preparations now. Companies should analyse the sales and production volumes of their substance portfolio, review their obligations under REACH, and make a plan on how to manage their registrations for the last deadline. Correct substance identification at this early stage is essential for the process.

ECHA, the Member States and industry organisations are here to help potential registrants and the new Support web section on ECHA's website will help them with their registration tasks. More practical support will become available phase-by-phase over the coming years. The REACH 2018 pages work as a gateway to all relevant information.

A webinar on the first phase will take place on Wednesday 24 June at 11:00 (Helsinki time). It will offer a basic understanding of which substances need to be registered, what information will be required, and what elements contribute to the cost of registration. Participating companies will have the opportunity to ask questions from ECHA's experts.

The last REACH registration deadline will be on 31 May 2018. This deadline concerns companies that manufacture or import chemical substances in low volumes, between 1-100 tonnes a year. Companies should be aware that the obligations are significantly more demanding for substances in volumes between 10 to 100 tonnes compared to the category from 1 to 10 tonnes.

In January 2015, ECHA published its REACH 2018 Roadmap, which splits the registration into seven phases, and describes the milestones of each phase and support activities that ECHA plans to give to the registrants.

Source: Envirocentre.ie - Get Ready for the Last Registration Deadline for Chemicals