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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

It is now clear that the British people have made the choice to leave the European Union. The countr...


Top of the Range Multihog for Riegersburg


It was during a visit to the IFAT exhibition in 2014 that mayor of Riegersburg Manfred Reisenhofer and his municipal colleagues saw the Multihog range for the first time. Having made an excellent impression at the show, less than 6 months later a 120HP MXC model was already delivered and operating in the Südoststeiermark district. Read on to find out why Multihog was the right fit for the municipality of Riegersburg in Austria...

According to Mr Reisenhofer, there were a few reasons why the municipality settled on Multihog for their purchase: "I’ve looked at equipment from lots of different manufacturers, but the concept of the multifunctional Multihog made an exceptionally positive impression. We had very convincing demonstrations from the Multihog team, as well as support from the Pappas Group dealership, both of which influenced our decision to purchase a top of the range Multihog machine. The crucial factors for us were the quality, high payload, compact dimensions and also the impressive power of the vehicle."

With the merging of five municipalities in the region at the start of 2015, Riegersburg must now maintain an extra 250 kilometres of road - making the Multihog more essential than ever in efficiently covering the growing workload. For winter service the Multihog is kitted out with a snow plough, a de-icing sprayer and a salt spreader. Following the success of its first winter in operation, the municipality is now experiencing the machine's all-season use with the rest of their attachments this summer. A fork attachment, mulcher, sweeper and watering arm are all keeping the MXC120 busy right up to the start of winter season this year.

Wolfgang Sammer, the municipality's Multihog operator, is also very happy with the new addition: "The Multihog is super, it’s more manouevrable than other equipment and the cabin is really comfortable. The view is good, and even during long shifts I don’t feel tired.“
The Pappas Group has been Multihog’s official dealer in Austria since 2014, and they delivered their first machine to Riegersburg last winter. Erwin Zibert, Pappas salesperson, says that the Multihog brand has increased their municipal offering, and complements the Unimog perfectly: "The Multihog can carry an almost unlimited choice of attachments from diverse manufacturers and offers exceptional driver comfort. As a compact tool carrier with a quick-mounting system the Multihog comes into operation where larger machines can’t reach."

Source: HortiTrends News Room