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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

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How To Be A Green Foodie


To be a green foodie it is all about enjoying great food while being conscious of your environmental impact. Choosing the right option and influencing your network are the main features of a genuine green foodie:

Avoid non-recyclable disposable foodservice packaging

Pay attention to takeaway’s or the street food markets’ food containers. Plastic and polystyrene food wares are not recyclable and end up in the landfill. Try choosing recyclable or biodegradable alternatives made from recyclable paper or renewable materials, such as corn, potatoes, sugar, etc. and make sure that you use the right bin to dispose of them after use.

The same practice can be applied to takeaway coffee cups. Select coffee shops that, in addition, offer you delicious fair-trade coffee, they serve your coffee in recyclable cups and lids or offer you a discount for using your own reusable cup. Although it sounds daunting finding an environmentally conscious coffee shop, fortunately, some of the largest coffee chains like Costa of Starbucks, have recently launched in-store cup recycling schemes or are considering on changing into completely recyclable cups, so hopefully others will follow up soon.

Do your best in reducing food waste

According to EPA, there are about 300,000 tons of organic waste generated each year by food commercial businesses in Ireland. When you go to a restaurant, order only the food that you know you will eat. Don’t be afraid to ask for half of a portion, or to request for the kitchen to hold off on any dish sides or ingredients that you don’t like. Also, bring with you a collapsible Tupperware in case you need to bring your extra food home for a tasty snack later.

Opt for local and seasonal food

This not only benefits your health, as only seasonal food has the highest nutrient and vitamin content (FAO), but also will reduce your carbon footprint; thanks to the energy reduction on transport and refrigeration. In addition, you will be supporting local farmers and producers and therefore the local economy.

Ask for the provenance of what you are eating, and prioritize local products and retailers sourcing locally. If it comes from Ireland, a part of local, there is a good chance that you are also guaranteed high quality. If you’re shy about asking the origin of the food, you can always have a look into Bord Bia’s Just Ask before choosing your next restaurant!

Use your power to influence

The client is always right. If you are concerned about how your favorite restaurant manages its food waste, the kind of food ware that it uses, or the provenance of the food it serves, ask! And, when you find a place that fulfills your green spirit, tell it to your friends and family, spread it to the world!

For more information contact Irene.Gonzalez@BordBia.ie

Source: Bord Bia - How To Be A Green Foodie