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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

It is now clear that the British people have made the choice to leave the European Union. The countr...


Earth Connection Healing Retreat Day with Jimi Blake

It is my absolute joy and pleasure to offer myself as your guide in reconnecting with the energy and powerful wisdom of the earth. Our ancient ancestors understood the importance of the Earth and now our society's consciousness is making a shift back to nature and I am delighted to be able to offer a powerful, peaceful and lasting way to that reconnection.

Over the last ten years I have developed a deep spiritual connection with the plants, land, Bronze Age Ring Forts and Standing Stones at Hunting Brook Gardens.

I will guide you through healing walks, breathing exercises, meditation, connection with the powerful energy of the Standing Stones and techniques that will allow you to access the energy of the land in a profound and very personal way.Walking mindfully through the gardens, ring forts, forest, glaciated valley and meadows at Hunting Brook

I will show you how to make a strong and lasting connection with Mother Earth, how to apply the energy in everyday life and teach you how to connect with nature in your own environment.

Healthy juices on arrival – Jimi will show you how to make his favourite morning juices

Relaxation/meditation/grounding session at the start and end.

Delicious Organic vegetarian lunch and snacks

(Including recipe sheets)

Benefits include:

  • Grounding
  • Healing & rejunivationt of all the cells of the body
  • Energy Balancing
  • Increased vitality and immune system function
  • Improved sleep

Contact Jimi on 087 2856601



Sunday 26th May
10.15 – 4pm
Cost € 65

Source: Hunting Brook Gardens