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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

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Interflora Celebrate 90 Years of Flower Power

On the 30th May 1923, the world’s largest and most popular flower delivery network was born. This week Interflora celebrates its 90th anniversary by looking back at past achievements and to the future too. Interflora was born in 1923 after the idea of telegraphing orders from one florist to another came over from America. Joe Dobson, a florist from Glasgow, and Carl Engleman, a nurseryman from Essex, were responsible for starting what is now, 90 years on, the most successful florist network in the UK and Ireland.

Today, Interflora are widely regarded as the ‘Flower Experts’ and have recently showcased their design skills at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, with a Gold medal award-winning floral design exhibit. Entitled ‘Time Frames’, the exhibit, which took influences from fashion, interior design, pop culture and, of course, flowers through the eras, offered visitors to the show a walk down memory lane.

In July, the exhibit will be taken to the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park so it can be enjoyed by the crowds visiting the popular flower show. Also on display will be competitors taking part in this year’s Florist of the Year and Florist of the Future competitions. The Interflora Florist of the Year competition has been running for more than two decades and is held every two years to give florists the opportunity to continually develop their exceptional floristry skills and creativity.

The Interflora Florist of the Future competition was introduced in 2000 to nurture new talent within the industry. Today it continues to provide a showcase for florists with less than four years professional experience, to ensure a wealth of skilled, expert florists emerging for the future.

A selection of some of the exquisite designs created during the qualifying heats

The theme for this year’s competition is ’90 years of fabulous floristry’ with the florists being challenged to create a floral fantasy handbag and a celebration floral cake then, if they get through the first round, a surprise item which will be briefed on the day. The competitors will be able to complete one of the items, in advance of the competition but will have to construct the other two designs within a set time limit, under the eyes of the judges and the general public.

Nick Priest, Director of Interflora Services, said: “This is a very special year for Interflora and we are thrilled that the RHS Tatton Show will be hosting our most important floristry competition. For visitors that come to watch the finalists in action it will be like taking in a floristry masterclass. These guys are the top of their profession and inspirational to watch in action, and will show people just how exceptional our florists are. It is exactly what sets Interflora apart from our competitors.”

It is this combination of expertise, a passion for innovation and a sense of dedication throughout the network which ensures that Interflora is a success story that will continue for years to come…

Source: Interflora