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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

It is now clear that the British people have made the choice to leave the European Union. The countr...


HortiTrends Weekly Comment & News Digest March 8th

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We are not just about the news. We provide various business development and support service to companies like 'BecauseWeCare'. We have been assisting Tim Wells in a promotional PR campaign to both the trade and consumer press. What do you do to communicate to potential and existing customers the marketing supports that run behind your products. Becausewecare Getting Ready for Spring is a good example of putting a simple promo plan together and telling, as any garden retailer will want to know, what you are doing to bring customers through their door.

Another business we work with is SowEasygrow (have a sneak preview in link) who are launching their website next week, built by HortiTrends and which includes a full e-commerce suite of tools at the backend to market their range of products, some of which is manufactured here in Ireland. Build it and they will come? No. We have also created a Social Media 4 Business campaign. You will be hearing and seeing a lot from Eoin O'Flaherty who is mixing his professional background as a chef with his passion for growing his own food and introducing a range of products that like the name say are SowEasyGrow. He is also hoping to work with a horticulture educational body to test his GrowGridPro for the commercial sector.

The Wilco jobs promotion is in full swing and will be a boost to those who are experienced landscapers in Ireland looking for a new start. Wilco Canada Recruiting 120 from Irish Landscape Industry. We have been told that Ireland made the Canadian national news showing large numbers at the recent job fair. The advantage of this company is that work permits have already been acquired which could see you out there taking a break from Ireland's 'Boom to Gloom' within a month or two and coming back with fresh ideas which would be good for the whole landscape sector. Had enough of Erin's green isle? Permanent positions also available. There is also the possibility that the opportunity could fit in with current horticulture students work experience periods. During my time at the Botanic Garden's I wouldn't have given up my year of work experience with the Dublin parks department for anything! Bad weather, bad pay, badly stained tea mugs but ohh the characters and the crack.

To finish on that note of the Botanics Gardens Dublin, is there not enough horticulture excitement in your life? The IOH Young Horticulturist of the Year Quiz could be the answer you are looking for. Whittled down from 270 to 8 it will produce an Ireland horticulture brain, that will go to the finals in the UK. The contestants come from all of the main horticulture colleges from around Ireland north and south. As a unbiased horticulture publication we wish them all well. Come on the Bots!

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Joseph (Editor at HortiTrends)