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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

It is now clear that the British people have made the choice to leave the European Union. The countr...


Business Profile Conway Foliage Services

Conway Services is a leading grower and distributor of quality decorative cut foliage for the wholesale florist market across Ireland and the United Kingdom.


Conway Services specialize in a wide range of eucalyptus including: Eucalyptus Pulverulenta, E. Perriniana, E.Parvifolia, E.Pulverulenta Baby Blue, E.Glaucescens, and other varieties of greenery and foliage.

The company has established its position as the leading provider of decorative foliage through a focus on quality, commitment and horticultural experience and knowledge. This industry knowledge combined with an in-depth understanding of the wholesaler, retailer and consumer market, ensures that the company meets the needs of all foliage users.

All produce is locally grown which results in a consistently high level of quality, excellent vase life for the end user and from an environmental perspective, locally grown foliage is accompanied by a low carbon footprint.

The company prides itself on this consistently high level of quality and offer excellent continuity of supply, especially across peak periods throughout the year.

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Source: Conway Services