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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

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Teagasc's Forestry Clinics 2013: Overwhelming Success

More than double the anticipated number of landowners availed of a one to one consultation with a Teagasc Forestry Adviser this spring. These consultations were organised as part of a nationwide series of forestry clinics. Most of the nearly 600 landowners who attended are considering planting forestry on the farm. 

Dr. Nuala Ni Fhlatharta, Head of Teagasc's Forestry Development Department said; "We had initially organised 38 forestry clinics across the country and we estimated that approximately 250 landowners would be interested in attending a one to one consultation. However, we didn't expect this level of interest. To deal with this level of interest, we added several additional consultation days. A few of these forestry clinics are still ongoing. We estimate that we will have dealt with close to 600 landowners."

Frances McHugh, Teagasc Forestry Adviser commented; "It is interesting to note that at least 80% of all queries related to planting forestry on the farm. Topics discussed included land suitability, environmental compatibility, interaction of forestry with other farm schemes, and potential returns on investment."

She continued; "Forestry grant aid application procedures were discussed in great detail at these consultations. All Forestry Advisers handed out many copies of the List of Registered Foresters who can process the forestry grant application on behalf of their clients. We therefore anticipate a substantial increase in queries to forestry consultants and companies over the next few months as a result of these Teagasc Forestry Clinics."

These consultations are important because making an informed decision on forestry as an enterprise starts with becoming familiar with the issues involved. Planting land can have many attractions, but you need to know if it is appropriate for you. During these consultations, Teagasc forestry advisers provided information on financial returns from forestry, which is key to decision making for many landowners. The information provided can help to guide decisions about forestry as a viable enterprise and future forest management options.

These Teagasc forestry clinics provided the information, expertise and advice necessary to assist in the decision making process in considering forestry on the farm.

All details on forestry grant schemes are available from the Teagasc Forestry website: www.teagasc.ie/forestry.

Source: HortiTrends News Room