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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

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Watch Out for Ash Dieback this Summer!

Ash dieback is a relatively new, serious disease of ash trees caused by the fungal pathogen Chalara fraxinea (Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus). It has spread rapidly across much of Europe. The disease can affect ash trees of any age and in any setting. The disease can be fatal, particularly among younger trees.

If you planted ash trees in the last ten years, Teagasc advises to give your ash trees a quick 'health check' over the next few months. At this time of year, watch out for wilting ash leaves that remain attached to the tree. Other symptoms include shoot dieback and diamond shaped stem lesions.

If you want to know what to watch out for, have a look at this very useful YouTube video produced last May by the British Forestry Commission: watch Chalara ash dieback - identifying symptoms in Spring. Although this video was produced last Spring, content is still very relevant discussing both Spring and Summer symptoms.

If you see something you suspect is ash dieback, please call 01-607 2651 or email forestprotection@agriculture.gov.ie. When visiting a forest, do not remove any plant material from the site and clean clothes and footwear of any plant material, including leaves, before leaving the forest. Do not take samples as it could assist in spreading this serious disease.

Please remain vigilant, give your ash trees a quick health check and report anything suspicous.

Source: HortiTrends News Room