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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

It is now clear that the British people have made the choice to leave the European Union. The countr...


Research Shows that MPS is Best Certificate for International

In a recently published report, the research bureau RIRDC recommended that the Australian government opts for the MPS certification scheme in combination with Fair Flowers Fair Plants. With this independent research, the Australian government hopes to help growers and exporters in their choice of a sustainability label. According to MPS Director Theo de Groot, “Certification is a ‘must’ in order to continue to play a meaningful role in the international floriculture market’.

It is a worldwide development. The consumer is thinking 'greener’ and is deliberately choosing products that have been grown with respect for man and the environment. In order to remain an important player in the international market for flowers and plants, Australian growers and exporters must demonstrate that they are able to fulfil the high requirements of retailers. And, the fact that the number of sustainability labels has grown significantly in the past few years led to the Australian government engaging a research bureau to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Independent research
For the purposes of this research, the RIRDC research bureau interviewed a range of parties across the globe. In addition to interviews with leading importers and wholesalers, they also held conversations with the organisations which develop and manage the certificates themselves. A total of seven labels were compared with one another: Fair Flowers Fair Plants, Fairtrade (Max Havelaar), Flower Label Program, GLOBALG.A.P., MPS-ABC, Rainforest Alliance and Veriflora.

Most well-known
Various certification schemes are currently in use in the most important export countries for Australian flowers and plants. Most of the companies that took part in the research specified a preference for the MPS-ABC certificate. This means that growers and exporters that fulfil these requirements also have the best paperwork for their customers. “This was the deciding factor for the Australian government", explains de Groot. “They were also very much drawn to the combination with the label Fair Flowers Fair Plants. The consumer market is also served by this system.”

Worldwide support
The research bureau also recommended setting up an MPS office in Australia, as is the case in Japan. A local office can certainly speed up the implementation of the sustainability label among growers, exporters, branch organisations and government bodies. “We are delighted that the research demonstrated that the chosen strategy for MPS – in combination with Fair Flowers Fair Plants – offers growers the best access to the international market”, adds de Groot. “More Profitable Sustainability sums it up quite well.”

Source: HortiBiz - Research Shows that MPS is Best Certificate for International