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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

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BLOOM's in the Proven Place in the Green City - IPM Essen 2015

Special Shows Will Provide Suggestions for Effective Presentation and Decoration

Nature will play a major role on the Special Show Booth of the BLOOM's agency and publishing company in Hall 1A ("Green City") at this year's IPM ESSEN. For example, oversized birch trunks will receive the trade visitors and will connect the individual constituents of the exhibition. The happenings at the exhibition will once again concentrate on implementable floristic creative and presentation ideas for the practice of specialised flower businesses. On the four days of the fair, the visitors, the readers and the guests can look forward to no end of information, presentation suggestions, plant displays and floristry on BLOOM's Speical Show Area covering approx. 700 square metres. In this respect, pioneering new publications in the fields of magazines, journals and specialist books will be available on BLOOM's Media Booth.

The Trends of the New Season

Working with and presenting trends. The goods presentation will bear this motto with the participation of a large number of industrial partners on BLOOM's Special Show Area, designed by BLOOM's trend designer Marion Bauer and her BLOOM's Creative Team. Contemporary floral designing cannot do without containers, accessories or technical aids. Every day in the specialised flower business, the florists and the retail gardeners need to present this designing in an attention-grabbing, consumer-friendly and thus purchase-stimulating form. This constituent of the exhibition on BLOOM's Special Show Area will give florists as well as owners of flower businesses, retail nurseries and garden centres no end of suggestions for effective presentation and decoration.

In this respect, the trade visitors will receive good indications that trends are not an end in themselves but are instead a helpful guideline for a contemporary business appearance. When product innovations are combined into and presented as new sales subjects, they give indications of how owners of flower businesses can reach the consumers and can shape the basis for a successful sales season. Trade visitors

will see and experience what will characterise the coming season and will influence the consumers' demand.

The Long-Running Success Outdoors

Floral living and designing outdoors, on terraces, on the balcony and in the garden are the consumers' favourite subjects. Modern cocooning is illustrated by the atmospheric coexistence of plants and contemporary containers. On BLOOM's Special Show Area, the trade visitors will be given suggestions, tips and indications about what type of planting arrangement is connected with what outdoor style and what plants will be most suitable for the outdoor living season in 2015. The exhibition will be rounded off by interesting plants from the field of summery bedding and balcony plants and new container products.

Even Now, Already Think of Christmas

After Christmas is before Christmas. Therefore, the Christmas presentation is no longer far away for successful and far-sighted owners of flower businesses, garden centre operators and retail nurseries. Even now, the objectives are already to plan the appearance of their own businesses and to be prepared at an early stage. In this respect, the new presentation concept of the Stars For Europe (SFE) group, the association of the poinsettia breeders, will focus on the poinsettia as an ambassador in hotels and restaurants. The restaurant backdrop called "Le Poinsettia" will show how the poinsettia cuts a good figure as table decoration, as atmospheric room decoration and as an inviting eycatcher in the lobby of a restaurant or a hotel. The trade visitors will receive stimulating presentation and planting ideas for Christmas 2015.

New Paths in Mourning Floristry

On BLOOM's Special Show Area, BLOOM's team of florists will also display innovative ways of implementing contemporary and worthy mourning decoration. One permanent feature will relate not only to the economically and creatively sensible auxiliary materials and mourning decoration products which will permit efficient and thus economically viable designing but also to flowers and enduring floral arrangements which offer a technically assured and durable basis. Particular importance will be attached, above all, to the sustainability aspect, such as the environmentally friendly disposal and manufacture of the utilised auxiliary materials.

Successful with the "Floral Shop"

The innovative shop will show gift ideas for any occasion. More than ever, there is a demand for successful business appearances in the battle for the survival of the specialised floristic business. Here, the floristic trade visitors will obtain ideas for small takeaway floristry and available ranges of good-value fast-moving items as well as suggestions for the presentation in the flower business.

Meet and Eat - The Sectoral Meeting Place

And as always on BLOOM's Special Show Area, the gastronomic booth will invite people to rest, meet and enjoy on all the days of the fair. In the middle of flowery outdoor plant designing, it will be possible to enjoy the voluptuous creations of the proven gastronomic team on BLOOM's booth in the Green City in Hall 1A all day long as from 11.00 a.m. As in the previous years, this area will become the meeting place of the green and flowering sectors for trade visitors as well as for exhibitors.


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Telephone: +49.(0)2102.9644-10
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Source: IPM Essen