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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

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The Cemetery Gardeners Will Once Again Be Strongly Represented at IPM ESSEN 2015 Master

Master Pupils from Essen Will Design an Extraordinary Grave and Visitors Will Obtain Comprehensive Information on the Booth (Bonn, January 13, 2015) The cemetery gardeners have once again come up with quite a few highlights for their appearance at the International Plant Fair (IPM) in Essen. For example, the visitors will find a grave with extraordinary plants on the purple cooperative booth of Bund deutscher Friedhofsgärtner (BdF - "Federation of German Cemetery Gardeners") in Zentralverband Gartenbau e. V. (ZVG - "Central Horticultural Association") and Gesellschaft deutscher Friedhofsgärtner mbH (GdF - "Company of German Cemetery Gardeners") in Hall 1A.

It will be designed by 19 prospective master gardeners from the Vocational College for Horticulture in Essen. The pupils are planning an arrangement reminiscent of the knot gardens of the Renaissance. Using the example of the creative work of the young people, GdF would like to draw attention to the possibility of long-term grave care. This functions as follows: Anybody who would like to entrust professional cemetery gardeners with caring for a grave can conclude a trust contract with an establishment for long-term grave care. With this establishment, the money is managed reliably and the quality of the commissioned services is checked.

Presentation of Shrubs

The information about and introduction of shrubs for grave designing will be another highlight at IPM. For this purpose, a few of the robust plants will be presented on the booth. Furthermore, there will be an opportunity to obtain information about the latest advertising materials of the cemetery gardeners and about the sophisticated concepts, e.g. the Memoriam Garden.

Employees Will Be Available to Answer Any Questions

On the fair booth on all the days, honorary and full-time employees of BdF and GdF will be available to answer any questions asked by the visitors. They are looking forward to a lot of interesting discussions and will be happy to provide information about the comprehensive services and modern ranges offered by the cemetery gardeners. Questions about projects for children and juveniles will be answered, too. Of course, the employees will also provide information about campaigns such as the German Cemetery Gardeners Championship, about public examinations and about the care model at the next Federal Horticultural Show in the Havel region.

Another important subject will relate to the implementation of ZVG's campaign for canvassing the up-and-coming generation which is attracting a lot of attention under the name of "Occupation Gardener" and to the participation of the cemetery gardeners in it. Therefore, this project will also be a subject on the fair booth of the cemetery gardeners once again.

Box element:

The International Plant Fair (IPM) in Essen will take place from January 27 to 30, 2015. BdF and GdF will once again have a cooperative booth in Hall 1A where the employees can look forward to a large number of visitors.


Caption for the photograph: BdF_GdF_IPM_2014_Stand:

The purple booth of BdF and GdF at IPM 2015 in Essen will once again be set up in Hall 1A. As already at the start of 2014, the employees are looking forward to a lot of interesting discussions. Photograph: BdF, Bonn.

Caption for the photograph: BdF_GdF_IPM_2014_Knotengrab:

At IPM 2015, 19 prospective master gardeners from the Vocational College for Horticulture in Essen will design a grave reminiscent of the knot gardens of the Renaissance. Photograph: BdF, Bonn.


Bund deutscher Friedhofsgärtner im Zentralverband Gartenbau e. V.
Gesellschaft deutscher Friedhofsgärtner mbH
Evelyn Stolberg
Press Spokeswoman
Godesberger Allee 142-148
53175 Bonn
Mobile: +49.(0)157.32424439
Tel.: +49.(0)228.81002-46
Fax: +49.(0)228.81002-65
E-mail: zvg.stolberg@g-net.de
Internet: www.grabpflege.de
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bund.deutscher.friedhofsgaertner

Source: IPM Essen