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Ideas in Food 2013

A recent report by the Hartman Group -"Ideas in Food 2013"-highlights some key trends that retailers & foodservice operators should watch out for.


  • Weight management, energy & satiety are closely aligned with protein intake. As breakfast becomes more than a quick intake of carbohydrates consumers will look more towards eggs (particularly free range), dairy and protein preparations in convenient formats for their first meal of the day.
  • Ethics & transparency in food production are becoming more important. Lack of openness & transparency in the food chain in the long term will be seen as a disadvantage.
  • People are making a link between excessive sugar intake & tooth decay, obesity, inflammation, and a number of other chronic diseases. More specifically they are questioning the amount of fructose in foods. As this issue gets traction there will be opportunities for the food industry to address this & find solutions.
  • An increasing number of consumers are seeking health & taste benefits from herbs and spices in lieu of over the counter medicines. Expect the beverage & confectionary sectors to leverage this trend.
  • While cooking is becoming a form of glamorised entertainment many consumers still struggle with at-home fresh meal preparation. This creates opportunities for retailers & food manufacturers to meet the growing demand for fresher and less processed foods & beverages.
  • There will be an opportunity for the food & beverage industry to tap into the demand to cut waste with edible packaging based on the principles developed within molecular gastronomy.
  • New types of sweets & confectionary will be seen to be of higher quality through the absence of negatives such as high fructose corn syrup. Expect the confectionary sector to re-invent itself over the next few years with better -for -you ingredients & fair trade principles.


The Hartman group is a US based market research company that focuses on consumer trends & behaviours in the areas of health, wellness, sustainability & food culture.

Source: BordBia - Ideas in Food 2013