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New Technology Adapting to Changing Consumer Behaviour


According to the latest culinary trends at the 2013 NRA Show in Chicago, the main theme revolved around how new technology is providing solutions to meet changing consumer behaviour

Dakota Diamonds were being triumphed as a new high-density potato that can be thinly sliced and, without soaking or blanching, cooked into a potato chip in three minutes. Thanks to new technologies for dehydrating eggs and encapsulating cocoa butter, another company was selling a soufflé mix that ‘puffs up’ in just a few minutes.

Separate research from the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD) suggests that new technologies in food product development could meet some of the needs of consumers that have identified “quality or product performance” in their Top 5 drivers of product choice. Many developments in processing or packaging are simply step changes in methodologies, for example new process treatments and packaging will help extend the shelf life of products, making them more convenient for consumers and reducing food waste.

Foodservice operators are also embracing new technologies in an effort to help drive consumer engagement and make their businesses more efficient. Yo Sushi!’s flagship restaurant in Poland Street, London recently introduced their “iTray” waiter service – a ‘drone’ that delivers food to diners while hovering in the air. Remotely controlled using iPads, the iTray can travel up to 25 miles per hour and is also intended to add fun and entertainment to the customer’s dining experience.

Source: BordBia - New Technology Adapting to Changing Consumer Behaviour