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Bloom 2017 Medium Garden - Nature’s Resurgence

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Nature’s Resurgence

The Ría Organics Garden is designed to encapsulate and present the ethos and values of its organic skincare sponsor. Its rudimentary circular form represents society’s return to nature as a source of goodness and healing, having deviated towards synthetic products over previous decades. This resurgence in natural, organic goods is cross-referenced throughout the garden.

The inclusion of salvaged materials amongst a carefully selected planting scheme reflects modern day life’s constant struggle for balance and equilibrium. A ripple effect is created by a series of layers moving outwards from the garden’s centre. Each layer incorporates a mix of different materials that work in unison to achieve a sense of balance and serenity.

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The subtle use of water adds to the sensory experience of Nature’s Resurgence, while the brash use of rusted metal highlights the beauty that remains in reclaimed materials. The sense of permanence and timelessness created by the stone is contrasted by the contemporary wooden benches wrapped around the garden’s heart.


John Durston 5

Following a degree in Philosophy in 1997, John continued his education in Termonfeckin College of Horticulture. During the three-year horticulture course, he was chosen as one of six up-and-coming designers to appear on RTE’s Garden Heaven program. Since graduating, he runs his own landscape design company, John Durston Landscape Design, based in Ballylusk, Ashford, County Wicklow. John’s love for gardening and the outdoors was inspired by his fourth class teacher who delighted in sharing his knowledge and interest in nature with his students. The Karate Kid movies also captivated his interest – but not because of the cool martial arts moves. ‘I was in awe of the bonsai trees, and to this day, I am still an avid bonsai collector.’ Over the past 17 years, John has honed his skills as a designer and he now feels ready for the challenge of creating a show garden at Bloom. Earlier this year, John was approached by Richard King of Ría Organics, a Wicklow-based organic skincare ...(View profile)

Source: Bloom 2017 Medium Garden - Nature’s Resurgence