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How to Turn a Place Around - Training Programme


In conjunction with "Destination Creation: A Conference on the thinking and practice related to Place Making Place Branding" in Ireland, PPS is offering a special two-day training program, How to Turn a Place Around in Ireland.

The conference will be held at the Royal Marine Hotel and the training will be held in the County Hall in Dún Laoghaire, Ireland. It is designed to help decision makers, activists, and others who work at the local level to make improvements to the places where they work and live. 

The training program will include presentations by PPS President Fred Kent, Senior Vice President Kathleen Madden, and PPS Director of Transportation Initiatives Gary Toth along with an on-site place evaluation exercise and interactive discussions about critical public space issues facing cities of every size.

How to Turn a Place Around in Ireland training introduces new ways of thinking about public spaces and how Placemaking can be used to bring communities together and revitalize underperforming spaces. Participants will explore the principles of making places through presentations, case studies of public space innovations, on- site evaluation and interactive discussions of critical issues and challenges. Discussion sessions will focus on the particular issues of participants.

The course will cover why public multi-use destinations are the best attractors of downtown activity; using public markets as generators of local economies; implementing an architecture of place strategy and; building community through transportation.

Transportation issues will be explored in a special Streets as Places session which will focus on how to rebalance the transportation system for people versus vehicles. It will give participants insight into the parameters and thought processes of decision-makers who plan streets, and provide tools for evaluating streets and working with designers.

Specific Topics Will include:

  • Placemaking and the Power of 10 How the Placemaking Process is different from traditional planning; how to use this process most effectively; applying the Power of Ten in different situations and scales of projects
  • Engaging the Community - How to most effectively engage the community in the planning process; what to avoid and what tools to use
  • Successfully Implementing Placemaking Projects - Case studies from throughout the world ranging from small scale interventions to large scale public destinations with insights into how they were achieved and why they are successful
  • Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper A low-cost, high impact incremental framework for improving your community in short order. It is a local development strategy that has produced some of the worlds most successful public spaces - one that is lower risk and lower cost, capitalizing on the creative energy of the community to efficiently generate new uses and revenue for places in transition
  • Developing Campaigns Working with local leadership, grassroots and public agencies to affect change in communities; how Placemaking can be applied to cross-cutting issues such as sustainability, health, diversity, and livability
  • Applying Streets as Places Concepts Characteristics of Great Streets and how they can address both transportation mobility and community goals; fundamentals of street design principles (and jargon) behind street design; tools for effectively negotiating for Place based outcomes; and achieving better outcomes from transportation professionals

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