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Consumer Lifestyle Trends – Health and Wellbeing

“I want to achieve a holistic approach to physical health and emotional wellbeing”

To deal with their maxed-out lives, today’s consumer has fully embraced a more holistic approach to looking after their well-being, which increasingly focuses on mind as well as body. People are embracing both science and nature to create sophisticated and tailored lifestyle plans.

Paying attention to all facets of health has become a symbol of status. With this mind-set comes a growing desire to plan, track and measure different aspects of one’s health, and an appetite for smart health management tools. Meanwhile, achieving balance amid busy lives is creeping higher on the consumer agenda; the desire to take care of mental and emotional wellbeing is growing, as well as interest in tools and solutions that help the consumer find the ‘headspace’ they are looking for.

Food and drink remain key health and wellness strategies. Consumers continue to watch out for ‘nasties’ and scrutinise what goes into their mouths; ‘natural’ is an ever more important shortcut for ‘good for me’. On the other hand, people are becoming more aware of how the social context in which they eat and drink contributes to holistic wellbeing. Brands that can celebrate social meaning around food have an opportunity to build a real emotional connection with consumers.

The subtrends under Health & wellbeing are:

• Proactive prevention – proactively defending the body against future illnesses
• Essential purity – desire for raw, natural and clean
• Creating headspace – desire to take care of your mental and emotional wellbeing
• Tribal wellbeing – increasingly choosing collective physical and wellbeing activities
• Managing tempo – seeking solutions to suit different energy needs and optimise wellbeing throughout the day
• Personal solutions – desire for personalised health solutions and measurement tools
• Good start – ensuring children get the best start in life

Source: BordBia  - Consumer Lifestyle Trends – Health and Wellbeing