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Public Consultation on Behalf of FSC®¹ Forest Management Certificate Holders

Consultation Period: 45 days.
Start Date: - Wed 20th May 2015
End date for Consultation – 4th July 2015

What is the consultation about?
Coillte (the Irish Forestry Board) is facilitating a consultation on behalf of FSC forest management certificate holders in Ireland.
This consultation concerns proposals for renewing a derogation from the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) so as to permit the use of a pesticide (cypermethrin) which is legal to use in Ireland and registered for use in forestry by the Pesticide Registration and Control Division of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine but is classed as ‘highly hazardous’ by FSC and so can only be used in FSC-certified woodlands if there are no practicable alternatives.

Certificate holders consider the continued use of cypermethrin to be necessary for the control of large pine weevil which has a major impact on the re-establishment of forests in Ireland and are submitting a derogation application to FSC as set out below:

Active Ingredient Product Name Purpose
Cypermethrin Forester Weevil control agent

Current status: derogated for use in Ireland by FSC until October 2015

How can I find out more?

Coillte’s application for derogation, including a demonstrated need for the product, specific controls to prevent and minimise use, non-pesticide management options and other control options may be found at the following link: Application for Cypermethrin Derogation

Invitation to comment

It is important to receive feedback from a full range of economic, environmental and social stakeholders and you are strongly encouraged to respond to this consultation process.

Your input will ensure that full account is taken of all the important issues.

The consultation period starts on Wednesday 20th May 2015

Please pass on this notice to anyone you think may have an interest in this matter.

Please send your consultation response to consultation@coillte.ie on or before 4th July 2015.

¹ FSC licence code FSC- C005714

Source: Coillte - Public Consultation on Behalf of FSC®¹ Forest Management Certificate Holders