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Does your brand identity what you do in the marketplace?

We design and develop brands and logo’s in-house. Both brand and logo are developed with your target market in mind. Tanya Gilsenan has over 15 years experience in the design and web development marketplace.

Design Services:

  • Web Design
  • Web Marketing
  • Brochures
  • Logos

We also work with companies in producing online versions of their hard copy brochures.

  • E-plant and products brochure and magazine - Turn your newsletter/brochure into an easy to read electronic e-magazine.

    Proven Beauty Growing Trends e-newsletters

  • Click here for another example.

EZ-Flip Advantages

Pdf online is very slow to download and reader can’t find what they are looking for without going through entire publication

EZ-Flip online you read like a book, downloads very fast, reader can go directly to the page they want. Other benefits are listed below.

Designed to be extremely reader friendly. Reader feels comfortable and doesn’t get overwhelmed with too many gadgets or lost trying to navigate through the publication. The reader is not sent to different site they didn’t want to go to when trying to magnify a page.

Quality is #1 in the industry! The print is very sharp. The colors and detail in pictures are brilliant.
Customise extra features.

  • Links – sends reader to advertiser’s web site
  • Video
  • Audioand Animated Ads

Get valuable information about your reader’s behavior with Google Analytics
People want today’s news now!

Magazines, Catalogs & Newspapers

Make money by selling the premium advertising space next to the front cover
Increase revenue by selling links in ads that send the reader to the advertiser’s web site
Make money with animated ads
Many companies have gone with the hybrid approach which is printing and online publication. Some readers just want to get all their information from the internet. It is faster and easier for them.
Everyone is looking for ways to save money in today’s economy. EZ-Flip can help by printing and mailing less and give you opportunities to make money and Go Green.


Please email: jblair@HortiTrends.com or call us on +00 353 87 921 2044.