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CSO Variations in Farm Income Figures Difficult to Explain

Commenting on today’s figures from the CSO on farm incomes for 2012, IFA President John Bryan said this is not the first time the CSO has significantly revised their figures relating to farming. He said, “Their original estimate for last year was a reduction of 10%. This was then revised upwards to 12% in February, and today it has been revised back down to 7.5%. Farmers have lost faith in the methodology used by the CSO in calculating these figures. The wide variations are difficult to explain”.

John Bryan said the recent Teagasc Farm Survey, which is based on actual accounts of over 1,200 farms chosen randomly, showed a drop in farm incomes for 2012 of 14%. The reality on the ground supports the Teagasc assessment.

Source: IFA - CSO Variations in Farm Income Figures Difficult to Explain