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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

It is now clear that the British people have made the choice to leave the European Union. The countr...


HortiTrends Weekly News & Comment - HORTICULTURE CONNECTED Out Now - GLDA Strip - 4th Feb

The magazine is now out and thank you to everyone for the feedback (mostly positive) so far. We went through many different stages including 'Labour of Love' to 'Giving it Up' and back to 'Labour of Love' again, once we got the clearance from the editor Barry Lupton and proofreader Koraley Northen, that it was good to go. We are in general happy/ecstatic with our first edition but will be adapting rapidly to the feedback that has already been given, so expect to see changes in the second edition for which we have already pre-sold advertising. Originally planning to be editor myself, I approached Barry to do a follow-up to the original 2007 HLI article with Phillip Moreau. It didn't take me long to figure out, that I was out of my depth and comfort zone. Thankfully I was able to convince Barry to come on board as features editor which then resulted in a rapid promotion to editor once I realised how hard working with print really is. He is independent minded and well respected in the industry. More importantly he is not afraid to take the hatchet to anyone's contributions, including my own, if he feels that it is not in keeping with the ethos of the magazine which is to empower, enthuse and act as a voice for the businesses and people working in horticulture across Ireland. What the teams behind HORTICULTURE CONNECTED and HortiTrends have in common is, we are passionate about horticulture.

Our printers 'Turners of Longford' delivered the ultimate in customer service. They really engaged with us and treated so well, that it's no wonder they can trace back their printing pedigree to the 1700's. Thank you to all the contributors and advertisers for supporting the first of what will be many future editions. A special thank you to Tanya and Faye for pulling all of our ideas together into a design that we hope will inspire our readers. Also a big thank you to everyone who offered advice, including those who said "Don't do It!" You were nearly right.

You can purchase a print only yearly subscription or single copy HERE. We have student and unemployed rates available. and there are print & on-line combinations that will help you to promote your business on-line. Print subscriptions will be re-invested into creating original content and analysis from the best writers out there, for future editions of the magazine.

We will have limited copies available at several upcoming events including the GLDA 'Strip' Seminar this Saturday where the cream of Ireland's design community will come together at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Northwood Park, Dublin for their annual gathering.

Also see us at the Trolley Fair in Punchestown in February and Trolley Fair NI where we will be promoting the magazine and your business, if you advertised. Also from next week we will be at several events in the UK including the Garden Press Show and the HTA Garden Centre Catering Event.

As Barry said in his editorial "It's your publication and we urge you to use it."