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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

It is now clear that the British people have made the choice to leave the European Union. The countr...


Save Water – Every Drop Counts!

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Globally, water shortage and scarcity is a growing problem, affecting approximately three billion people around the world. Climate change is accelerating the issue making water shortage a problem that could face many more of us in the years to come.

Recognizing the key role consumers can play in alleviating this issue, Colgate launched a new Save Water campaign in the US last month, inspiring people to take action and do what they can to reduce their own water consumption when using their products. They have appointed Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps as the new global ambassador for the campaign. Commenting on his new role Phelps said “Water is the earth’s most precious resource, but without realizing it we often take it for granted. I’m committed to joining Colgate’s efforts to save water and encouraging the next generation to turn off the faucet.”

Colgate already works to reduce their water-use footprint in manufacturing and have saved enough water to fill nearly 20,000 competition-sized swimming pools since 2002. However, nearly 90 percent of Colgate’s current water-use footprint comes from the consumers’ use of their products. They have developed this campaign with this in mind as they are conscious of their environmental impact across their product lifecycle.

The Save Water campaign aims to make people more aware of water scarcity issues and help them understand making small changes to their daily habits, like turning off the tap while brushing their teeth, can have a powerful impact when implemented on a wide scale. In addition, people are being encouraged to spread awareness using #EveryDropCounts on social media and by learning more at EveryDropCounts.Colgate.com.

Key learnings for Irish Brands:

Bord Bia’s Responsible Living Trend outlines how consumer concerns for the environment still prevail and that there is an opportunity for brands to support consumers in their efforts to make a difference. Colgate’s Save Water campaign is a great example of a brand doing just that. By highlighting a cause, providing simple information to help consumers make a difference and then making it easy for them to share on their networks makes choosing an environmentally conscious brand the easy choice for consumers. Some Origin Green verified member companies like Meade Potato are using their own online platforms to give tips to consumers to help reduce food waste showing their commitment to tackling key sustainability issues together.

Perhaps your company could do something similar to lessen your product’s environmental impact post purchase?

Source: Bord Bia - Save Water – Every Drop Counts!