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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

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Horticultural Associations at the World's Premier Horticultural Fair - IPM Essen 2015

Campaign for Canvassing the Up-and-Coming Generation Will Once Again Be One Main Subject Area
(ZVG) At IPM ESSEN 2015, Zentralverband Gartenbau e. V. (ZVG - "Central Horticultural Association") (www.g-net.de), the ideal sponsor of IPM, as well as the co-organisers, Landesverband Gartenbau Rheinland e. V. ("Rhineland State Horticultural Association") (www.gartenbau-rheinland.de) and Landesverband Gartenbau Westfalen-Lippe e. V. ("Westphalia-Lippe State Horticultural Association") (www.gartenbau-wl.de), will once again present their comprehensive spectrum of services in the Horticultural Info Centre in Hall 1A and will be available to answer the questions of the member companies.

Bundesverband Zierpflanzen (BVZ - "Federal Association for Ornamental Plants") (www.bundesverband-zierpflanzen.de), Bundesverband Einzelhandelgärtner (BVE - "Federal Association of Retail Gardeners") (www.ihre-gaerternei.de) and Bund deutscher Friedhofsgärtner (BdF - "Federation of German Cemetery Gardeners") (www.grabpflege.de) will, with their subgroups, comment on topical questions from production and services in their exhibition contributions and will portray their new ranges of services on offer.

In addition to the professional associations, consultancy, scientific, research, training and ongoing education institutions will be represented in the Horticultural Info Centre and will present the latest findings to the visitors.

At IPM ESSEN 2015, as well, one main focal point of the information provided by the associations will be the Campaign for Canvassing the Up-and-Coming Generation which was initiated by ZVG. The interactive photoshooting at the last IPM ESSEN will be remembered. New, surprising events are planned for 2015.

The Teaching Show will relate to the subject of "Innovative Substrates and Gezonde Kas". The compositions of the gardening cultivation substrates have changed constantly in the past and will be refined in the future, too. In this respect, the developments were and will be determined not only by the plants to be

cultivated and the cultivation processes but also, in many cases, by economic and political circumstances. The latest findings of the most diverse research and testing establishments will be introduced at IPM ESSEN.

After four years of research work, the results of the Interreg project entitled "Gezonde Kas" ("Healthy Greenhouse") will now be presented to the public. In the Teaching Show, the Dutch and German project partners in Straelen in the Lower Rhine region will introduce a totally new and all-encompassing plant protection concept.

"Grünes Medienhaus" (GMH - "Green Media House") (www.gruenes-medienhaus.de) initiated by Zentralverband Gartenbau e. V. has become established as a reliable partner in questions concerning horticultural public relations. In 2015, too, GMH will present an available spectrum at IPM ESSEN. Over 70 times per year, the representatives of the consumer media receive interesting articles and photographs on horticultural subjects. Every year, GMH's work results in several thousand publications which reach readers in the three-figure million range. By addressing the press, GMH thus guarantees that, with its high-quality products and services, horticulture is present in the public and is perceived positively.

Since 2012, Grünes Medienhaus has, as the lead agency, been supervising the new Campaign for Canvassing the Up-and-Coming Generation organised by Zentralverband Gartenbau e. V. Young people obtain information particularly via modern information channels, i.e. the classic Internet and the so-called Web 2.0 (e.g. Twitter, Facebook and Youtube). The marketing measures for canvassing the up-and-coming generation are consistently focusing on the online sphere (www.beruf-gaertner.de, http://www.facebook.com/beruf.gartner and http://twitter.com/BerufGaertner) but are naturally being backed up by classic advertising materials such as flyers and rollups and by active press relations.

The subscribers to the online information system called "hortigate" (www.hortigate.de) are always optimally informed. At IPM ESSEN 2015, hortigate will present the plant protection documentation module entitled "My Business" as an extension to the range on offer. The utilisation of this new module makes it easier for the businesses to prepare the statutorily stipulated documentation relating to the utilisation of plant protection agents to a great extent.

Of course, the Plant Innovation Showcase will not be missing in 2015 either. The visitors may be curious about what highlights will receive the coveted marks of distinction in 2015.

After the successful start at the last IPM ESSEN, Arbeitskreis Neue Zierpflanzen ("Working Party on New Ornamental Plants") will once again be represented within the framework of the Innovation Showcase and will present the results of its current activities. Here, a survey of the visitors should serve to estimate the value of

the innovations. The Innovation Showcase will be jointly staged by Zentralverband Gartenbau e. V. and Messe Essen GmbH.

Press Contact:
Franz-J. Jäger
Zentralverband Gartenbau e. V.
Godesberger Allee 142-148
53175 Bonn
Telephone: +49.(0)228.81002-29
Fax: +49.(0)228.81002-76
Mobile: +49.(0)172.9138381
E-mail: zvg.jaeger@g-net.de

Source: IPM Essen