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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

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From January 27 to 30, 2015, Messe Essen Will Be the Most Important Meeting Place of the International Green Sector - IPM Essen 2015

Politicians and Top Purchasers Will Be Guests at the World's Premier Horticultural Fair

International, topical and market-encompassing – IPM ESSEN is the only fair anywhere in the world to present the entire diversity of plants. From January 27 to 30, 2015, the meeting of the sector will take place at Messe Essen for the 33rd time. Over 1,600 exhibitors from almost 50 countries will show their portfolios of products and services: from the newest plant breeds via innovative technology and floristry on the highest level right up to efficient marketing concepts at the point of sale.

The world's premier horticultural fair will be not only the number-one ordering platform but also a pioneering trendsetter and an important source of impetus for the international green sector. In addition to the comprehensive range available at the exhibition, an excellent fair programme with live floral shows, prize presentation ceremonies and informative forums will await the top-class trade visitors from all continents. IPM ESSEN for which Christian Schmidt, Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, will once again be the patron will attract great attention from the official side. Not only high-ranking politicians from federal and state governments but also international delegations have announced their visits. Furthermore, top purchasers at leading companies from all over the world will use the fair in order to place orders for the coming season.

International Cooperative Participations

What great significance IPM ESSEN has for the international horticultural sector will be illustrated by the growing number of country participations. The China Pavilion will give its premiere in 2015. India will also be represented with a cooperative booth for the first time. Sri Lanka will come up with two cooperative booths: on the one hand, with suppliers of gardening technology just like last year and, on the other hand, with plant producers as an absolutely new feature. Other national booths will be provided by Belgium, Costa Rica, Denmark, England, France, the

Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Hungary and the USA.

Green City as a Meeting Place

During IPM ESSEN, Hall 1A will become the meeting point for experts, organisations and associations. In the Horticultural Info Centre, Zentralverband Gartenbau e. V. (ZVG - "Central Horticultural Association"), Landesverband Gartenbau Rheinland e. V. ("Rhineland State Horticultural Association") and Landesverband Gartenbau Westfalen-Lippe e. V. ("Westphalia-Lippe State Horticultural Association") will provide information about services and available ranges.

In 2015, the ZVG Teaching Show will be composed of two main subject areas: On the one hand, attention will focus on substrates and their correct use and, on the other hand, the EU Interreg project entitled "Gezonde Kas" ("Healthy Greenhouse") will be introduced as an overall system.

One permanent fixture in the Green City is the "Innovation Showcase". On all the days of the fair, the visitors will be able to obtain information about the newest breeds in the following categories: "Flowering and Green House Plants", "Spring-Flowering Plants", "Bedding and Balcony Plants", "Cut Flowers", "Bushes and Shrubs", "Woody Plants" as well as "Tub Plants".

First-Class Floristry

In the FDF Event Centre (also in the Green City), Fachverband Deutscher Floristen e. V. - Bundesverband - (FDF - "Trade Association of German Florists - Federal Association") will show the newest flowery collections and marketing presentations, international floral designers, innovative floristry trends as well as a wide available range of training and further education.

One highlight: the thrilling stage shows. Under the title of "New Life", Marcel Schulz (Germany's champion florist), Leonie Gehr (runner-up in the German Florist Championship) and Eva Latsch (third-best in the German Florist Championship in Berlin in 2014) will present springlike flowery ideas from the hands of masters.

Excellent Lecture Programme

In the International Horticultural Forum, experts will examine the horticultural situation in Spain as the partner country and will highlight new market chances. In 2015, the foundation called "DIE GRÜNE STADT" ("THE GREEN CITY") will invite people to the information event entitled "Urban Climatology and Greenery". Nursery gardeners, landscape gardeners and municipal decision takers will be target groups.

Promotion of the Up-and- Coming Generation

On the Training Day (on January 28), everything will revolve around the promotion of the up-and-coming generation. Together with the "green associations", Messe Essen will greet pupils from Classes 8, 9 and 10 at general schools. With the motto of "I LOVE GREEN - Experience Green Occupations Live", they will receive comprehensive information about the occupations of gardeners and florists. With regard to occupations: The Green Careers Wall introduced in 2014 will be continued after its successful premiere. Here, it will be possible to find job offers and jobs wanted.

Central Subject: Emphasising the Value of the Plant

The green sector is demanding: The plant as a product must be given a higher status once again and the ultimate consumer must appreciate gardening products to a greater extent. Messe Essen is therefore supporting a large-scale market study conducted by ZVG. The results should supply new findings about the consumers' attitudes to the plant as a product. The results will be presented for the first time during the fair.

IPM ESSEN will be the ideal platform in order to exchange ideas about effective strategies for emphasising the value of the plant. The demands of the consumers are becoming ever more stringent. The breeding and production sectors are being asked to launch new products on to the market. As yet unknown colours and forms or improved location-related properties and disease resistances impart discernible benefits to the customers. With a story behind the plant, the goods are provided with a face. The "Innovation Showcase" and the "Show Your Colours Award" will take account of this. Both marks of distinction will honour new international plant creations as well as woody plants, bushes and shrubs with the most significant value added. On the first day of the fair, a knowledgeable jury will decide the winners of the "Innovation Showcase". Not only the judgement of the jury but also the votes of the visitors will count in the case of the "Show Your Colours Award". The visitors will be able to cast their votes on the first three days of the fair before the prizes are presented in the afternoon of Thursday, January 29.

It is necessary to raise the appreciation shown by the consumer. The visitors will receive fresh ideas for efficient goods presentation not only on the extravagantly designed fair booths. The special show staged by BLOOM's and the g&v-CreativCenter in Hall 1A will be dedicated to this subject and will give suggestions.

Further information at: www.ipm-essen.de

Source: IPM Essen